Our Painted Bedroom Ceiling with Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams

September 30, 2021

Our project list for our new home is five trillion miles long (so it seems). However, not all of those items have an actionable plan. For a great chunk of things that we know we want to update or change to our personal style, we also need to live in it for a while. We need to see how the space functions and what makes sense for our daily lives.

Paint, however, is something we can get on pretty quickly! We jumped into turning our burnt orange kitchen into a classic white because it was a space that we looked at ALL the time. We chose the color White Flour by Sherwin Williams in an eggshell finished to paint the majority of our home. This color is a clean look and had minimal undertones in our home based on reflections and just the general undertones of the paint itself, so that little piece of the home is fresh.

When it came to our bedroom we planned on painting it right before the carpet got installed so we didn’t have to worry about any paint splatter so no covering of surfaces, but also because our bed is very heavy and requires it to be disassembled to move (aka paint behind it).

That plan was to go moody. I personally love a moody bedroom and we loved the dark walls and the color (Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams) at our previous home – we used this color in our laundry room, bathroom and our bedroom. HOWEVER, lighting and vibes changed our plans….

Our new home faces north/south while our previous home faced east/west. That matters because it changes how the sun shines in. East/west means we got LOTS of sun ALL THE TIME. In this home it is still light and bright but you don’t get pounded like did before (and saves some sun bleaching that might happen on walls, floors or furniture). That being said, I didn’t want our bedroom to feel to dingy with the dark walls, so we revamped! I still wanted some dark elements, so when I looked up and saw tray ceilings and how that dimension would bring extra life with dark paint, my mind started going. I brought the idea to my husband and told him it might be crazy but after all it was only paint….

He was on board, so we went for it. (The evening before I started painting I almost backed out because I got nervous 😂)

We took down the fan and replaced it with the chandelier from the formal dining room (we love the chandelier look in the bedroom) and got to work. This project was hard. Your neck aches and just requires some patience because ceilings in this house are not smooth and therefore you need extra touch ups and layers, but oh my goodness was it worth it!!!!!

I swoon over the new look! It’s different and fabulous and I would do it over again one million times again. Every ache of my arms and neck was worth it. Here is a before with the start of the primer on the walls and the finished product.

AMAZING, am I right!?

This room was literally paint and a transfer of what we had furniture and decor wise from our previous home. There are still some things to be done (add a mirror, hopefully new dresser and night stands eventually and some new blinds/curtains), but all that takes time. Paint feels like a massive step in the right direction and its BEAUTIFUL!

This is just another testimate that its just paint – just paint in that you can always change it and just paint in that it is so simple but makes such an amazing impact. If you are on the fence, just go for it, it’s JUST PAINT!


Andes Deco Bed
Bed Pillows – King & Queen
Window Pane Throw Pillows
Chandelier – Similar
Nightstands – with new hardware
Bowl – Similar Black – Similar Wooden
Shell Art – DIY from Honeymoon
Ceiling Paint – Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams in Flat Finish
Wall Paint – White Flour by Sherwin Williams in Eggshell Finish

Kortni Marie

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