KM at Home

Vision For Our New Home

September 9, 2021

Each home has its own personality. You can never copy and paste what you had in one home into another. And when you do move, you typically are ready for change all around. Use some of the same core items but switch things up a little.

Before doing anything to this home, I created a vision of the style, flow and general vibe for the house in its entirety. Some items from the vision board I plan on ordering (if its an actual product) and others are a feeling, a color, a general style. It can be too easy to pull random vision points on a room by room basis, but having a base to come back to and ask yourself, ‘does this fit into the style I’m going for in this home’ helps immensely. Its the same with any brand and business, it has to fit! I created a vision or MOOD board when planning our wedding as well.

This is the base for us moving forward with this home. This is the vision for our new home and what will continue to unfold for a number of years to create this footprint into a home that is us and our vision of home.

If you missed the first look at our new home, you can see that here.


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