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Our New Home

September 8, 2021

WE OFFICIALLY HAVE THE KEYS! We keep having pinch me moments when we just stop and are in awe that we get to call this place our home. When we started looking at homes we had our ideal list of things. We had ‘Must Haves’ and we had the ‘It Would Be Nice’ list. Our new home has ALL OF THEM.

Must Haves
– Tall Ceilings (beyond 8 ft)
– Majority Brick or Hardy Siding Exterior
– Basement or Den Type Space
– Luxury Tub (or space for one) in the Master Bathroom
– Flat Backyard
– Larger Master Closet
– Three or more Bedrooms
– Reputable Area

It Would Be Nice
– Flat Driveway or Space for Basketball Goal
– Smaller Neighborhood
– West or Southside of Indianapolis
– Three Car Garage
– Window at Kitchen Sink
– Storage Space
– Entertaining Space

We pulled photos from the listing, but you can also watch our home tour here.

We are miles high with boxes and trying to sort out where things go and how life looks in this new space. We have projects in the pipeline, but looking to see the flow of life before we dig in toooooooo deep in all the things. While I might not love how things look right now, settling in is the smart move.


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