Our Packing Plan

August 26, 2021

We announced that we are MOVING! And that means packing, packing and more packing. And boxes, boxes and more boxes.

In this madness you realize how much STUFF you have and it can feel VERY overwhelming.

I like to breakdown areas of our future home and general areas that things might go once we are actually moving in. You know the things that go in the kitchen for example. But then I keep some things more vague like Decor, who knows where all the decor items will land! Going at it box by box helps keep you grounded, but also keeps things organized and ready.

In my thought processes for packing methods, I consider the following:

  1. Keep the areas vague. You don’t have to be overly specific.
  2. Number all boxes. You want to know if one is missing
  3. Note what is fragile. You or whoever is carrying your items need to know when to be extra careful.

Honestly, its that simple. You could write a novel on the side of each box, but that gets old and you will start to waiver… we know ourselves. Each box is labeled with one letter and a number following, for example, K7. K stands for kitchen and it is kitchen box number 7. I then have a note pad that has each of these descriptors so I know the generalities of what K7 actually holds inside. Then I evaluate if this box is fragile or not. I don’t want my glass pieces being broken into a million pieces. If it is, then donning a bright blue (in my case because that’s what I had available) piece of duct tape loud and proud across the top of the box. This lets me (or friends and family that might be helping us move) know that this box should be handled with caution and not simply dropped onto the floor. This method, I believe, helps anyone that is moving the boxes know where they should land so you can avoid double moving items, keeps a number systems so you might know what is missing should that occur and keeps everyone out of the way of disappointment in knowing what boxes should be handled with care to ensure a safe delivery.

In my opinion, this is basic but also life saving. I used the same method when I moved from Florida to Indiana and most of my stuff went into a storage unit. Without this method, I would have been lost!

We are now heading into the home stretch of packing. One week out from the Uhaul load up! We haven’t really touched our bedroom or the office yet, so those will be coming this weekend, but here are our current categories for letters for additional guidance:

B = Basement
D = Decor
K = Kitchen
U = Upstairs (all bedrooms with exception to the primary bedroom are up there)
O = Office
G = Garage
M = Master Bedroom

A laundry list isn’t helpful. General areas for the win!

And we use simple tools here to be successful. We ordered some lifting straps to help with the heavier items (no backs will be thrown out in this move), mattress bags and additional packing paper. We had furniture movers, large marker and note pad, tape, scissors/ knife, duck tape (for fragile items), and are receiving lots of boxes. I also had stickers from my last move, which helps the letter and number pop a bit more on each box, but that would be entirely optional.

The other piece to our packing plan is for hanging clothes. Carrying clothes as is presents a risk and the opportunity to be a pain in your butt. Packing those items into laundry baskets/ suitcases/ boxes is also a lot of extra work and extra wrinkles to be had when you are moving within the same state. We opted to use large trash bags (cut a hole in the sealed side) and place the bag over a group of hangers. You can then tie off the bottom and these items are now protected from dirt, falling off hangers and keeps the work minimal. Then when you arrive at the new home, these items can head strait for the closet!

Back to packing for me. One week until go time!

Mattress Bags / Packing Paper / Lifting Straps / Notepad / Markers / Garbage Bags / Furniture Movers / Duck Tape / Packing Tape


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