We are MOVING!

August 23, 2021

Our original plan (before the chaos of 2020 set in) was to find a home and move into a new home around the wedding time, but life had other plans. We got married and had the most beautiful and perfect day and worked on contentment of where we were.

We sold Patrick’s condo while we were on our honeymoon (in one day) and took the season at this home and loved it. We soaked up every moment. We had several moments of itching for what was next, but settled back into being here. About two months ago, we both looked at each other and decided we were done. We were done waiting. We were both ready for a new home and we hit the ground running. Because the market is a little (putting it mildly) crazy, we met with our realtor, got our pre approval and had photos of our home taken so it was ready when we were. We felt we needed to find a home, get an accepted offer and a clear inspection before we could put our home on the market. We didn’t want to end up homeless if something fell through. Well, our new home didn’t come up with any giant red flags that pushed us for the hills. All of this of course went down days before we left for our First Anniversary Trip in Lake Tahoe, so when we got home (in bed 5am Monday morning from pilot issues 😴), we had one day to clean for our home to hit the market the following day (Tuesday).

Being on this side of the home process, it was WILD! Our home went on the market Tuesday morning and had our first offer by noon…. and the offers kept coming. It was the most insane day. With things coming through, we cut offers midnight that night and canceled all showings for the next day. To us, it wasn’t worth the stress and run around of another day of that, we had nine offers to choose from and a majority were amazing, so we let that be our platform and move on.

So, after the full crazy, WE ARE MOVING!

Our new home is still in the Central Indiana area and we have a scheduled closing for August 31 and a tentative two weeks before we close on our current home, giving us some time to slowly move things and mayyyyyyybe handle a few projects/get a few things under way.

We are over the moon and without getting all emotional on you, there have been so many blessings/ wow moments/ God is good pieces to all of this that it honestly, blows our minds.

We are sooo excited for what is ahead of us, but the packing part, not so much, but thus, here we are! We can’t wait to show you the house that will become our home and be the base of soooooooo many projects. Thanks for being here and being our cheerleaders!


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