Our First Anniversary

August 17, 2021

One year down.

We got married one year ago on August 8, 2020. The world was in a weird spot, but everything about that day was perfect and just what we needed.

Fast forward one year and we are still celebrating that perfect day and the blessing that our relationship is and how much we love marriage and getting to do this life together through the regular days, the days of celebration and even the harder days. What. A. Blessing.

We got to celebrate with a getaway to one of our favorite places, Lake Tahoe. I could write a whole blog about how to maximize and see all of the iconic places around the lake and the ‘must sees,’ but it is also about finding what suits you! We have now been to Lake Tahoe three times together and each time as been different on our wish list. This year had more fires (Boo), so the skies weren’t as clear as they have been in years past, but the views are still stunning despite it all.

We have stayed at the most stunning Airbnb for three years now and the host of this gem of a condo is simply the best! As the patio sitters we are, this couldn’t have been a more perfect place for us to relax, enjoy each others company and just soak up our week.

Our anniversary was the primary reason for this vacation, so we scheduled the most special things for this day. As many of you may know, our first date was at the Brickyard Crossing Golf Course here in Indianapolis and we were engaged at Stonehenge Golf Course in Tennessee, so it felt fitting that our first anniversary we celebrate at the most beautiful golf course…. Edgewood Tahoe.

We had one of the first tee times for the day, so we got to experience the crisp morning air and the beauty as a golf course wakes up. There are few things prettier than a golf course waking up in the morning. The dew and the whole place lifting is like any other. This course was no exception to the rule. I feel like on each hole I was in awe of the views. I don’t think I will ever get over its beauty and I don’t know how many other courses I play will ever compete with the view.

After our round of golf, we had to get a good ol fashioned west coast burger from In-N-Out. We are the animal style people, so we chowed down on all the goods and left for our condo to relax. We spent the afternoon relaxing and reminiscing before our fancy dinner out.

Dinner was at the Edgewood footprint as well. We chose the Bistro restaurant here and had a wonderful view of the lake from our seat. We love a good steak and seafood meal. I would actually say the lobster tail there was the best of our lives. However they prepare that sucker is sooooooo on point! We also chose to wear some of our wedding attire! While my dress was not an option (for obvious reasons), I slipped back into my dress from the rehearsal and he could don a more casual look of his wedding attire (but still rocking those reception shoes).

The day was perfect. It fit us perfect. It was us.

Throughout the remaining week, we bounced around with days or relaxation and enjoying the view from our balcony to days of great adventures, friends and good food. As the week came to a close we kept saying to each other how perfect the week was and how we wished we could just go back and live it over again.

Below are some recaps on our adventures!


When it comes to food, we are the cook at home type. We feel like the food is cheaper, the flavor is better and there is less hustle to be ready, out the door and fighting to get a table. We tend to opt for a fancy meal out, check out a local pizza spot and maybe another spot for ease if we feel up to it.

The Bistro at Edgewood Tahoe

Our sweet Anniversary dinner with wine, steak and seafood. It was the most beautiful spot for us to celebrate. Be sure to make a reservation as it gets booked quickly!

Fox & Hound

We love pizza and have been following the One Bite app, so we had to find a pizza place to try out and rate ourselves. Pretty great pizza! I think we gave it a 6.8/7 rating on One Bite. We would go back!

In-N-Out Burger

When on the west coast… eat like you are on the west coast…

Pine State Biscuit

Pine State Biscuit has been recommended by friends so many times and we finally went… WITH those friends! We got the Reggie Deluxe and it was AMAZING. We are already planning out our stop for the next trip.


Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course

Genoa Lakes Ranch Golf Course

Lake Tahoe Adventures ATV

Mount Tallac Hike & Swimming

This hike has many turn around points and many lakes. We hiked to the second lake and was about 6.3 miles round trip. The terrain is pretty rocky on this hike compared to others. Beautiful!

We simply had the best week and the best mix of all the things that made this vacation so perfect for us. So thank you Lake Tahoe for making our first anniversary so special and thank you for our family and friends that made our wedding day and every day since then the best year of our lives!


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