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Our Favorite Wedding Gifts 1 Year Later

August 5, 2021

We are less than a year away from the one year mark from our FIRST ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe that!? Holy Cow. I can’t believe how fast the year went. There were dates that went by when I remembered a giant milestone or drama of being a 2020 Bride and would just be thankful I didn’t have to relive trying to plan a wedding in that chaos with all that stress. I could go on…. but I won’t.

Remembering the wedding process and trying to be smart about registering for our Wedding Gifts, I thought it would be helpful to highlight our FAVORITE gifts that we received. It can be overwhelming to start the process and make sure you have what you need for. your guests to choose from and sometimes you can fall into the trap of this is what I am ‘suppose’ to register for but you don’t actually NEED.

Our view was practical mixed with a little bit of luxury as we began to build our list. We had plates and glasses but they needed replacing so went with a classic look, not bottom level dollar but not top level at all. With any gift giving I view it as somewhat of luxury items in general. Some of these items might seem obvious and some genuinely surprised us and were even last minute adds.


Plateware – Plateware is something you use daily. Our hope and goal is to use these for a looooooong time. Because of the longevity we wanted to go with a very classic look that wouldn’t scream old later in life. We love the Crate and Barrel style and the options they have available. The secondary piece is quantity. We chose the quantity of 8. We felt like this would cover us over a number of days or cover a someday family and even guests without being tooooo many in the cupboard. We went with the following:

Aspen Coupe Bowl
Aspen Coupe Dinner Plate
Aspen Coupe Salad Plate
Aspen Bowl

Aspen Coupe Bowl // Aspen Coupe Dinner Plate // Aspen Coupe Salad Plate // Aspen Bowl

Glassware – Glassware lends the same thinking as plateware, classic. We (and by we I mean I) are wine people. I love a glass of wine at the end of the day or in celebration. I wanted to have your classic stem as well as something more casual (stemless) available as we continue to do life We went with the following o:

Peak Double Old Fashioned Glass
Peak Highball Glass
Vineyard Bordeaux Wine Glass
Lulie Stemless Wine Glass

Pots & Pans – I was still rocking my pots and pans from my college days and was VERY excited about an upgrade. I had learned about Caraway Home’s line and fell in love with them. I knew I would love them but didn’t know I would love them as much as I do. They are the EASIEST pans to clean. Literally nothing sticks to them. Cleaning I give them an A+. Second piece is that I didn’t want a twenty piece set. No one actually uses the billion pieces some of these sets come with . This set was simple. Four pieces. Four lids. Done. I would buy them ten million times over again.

Baking Dishes – Most of ours were hand-me downs from family so getting a simple white set in three sizes allowed for a uniformed look and just what we needed. You don’t need a stack of 13×9 pans. I promise you.

Home Decor/Organization Pieces

Frames – I love the idea of having at least one amazingly beautiful and hight quality frame for your wedding. Something that is your ‘Wedding Frame.’ We loved this one that allows you to display a photograph along side your printed invitation. But also just to be able to invest in great frames is amazing. You can find cheap amazon versions, but the quality is what lasts and art/photographs are what help make a house feel like a home.

Vase – When you think of a wedding one of the key items are the florals. The brides bouquet, the center pieces and whatever else your mind might jump to. For memories sake having a vase that (like frames) is your ‘Wedding Vase’ is something sweet to remember and cherish. Like most things for us the clean lines to create a classic look it wonderful.

Glass Jars – This is where practical really sets in. These glass jars are everywhere in our home from the pantry to the closets to the counter tops. I really don’t think you can have too many of these. This is one of those items that you can use and will use in every room and in every season of life. Stock up. Let your wedding guests help.

Smart Plugs – We love having the ability to turn on lights while we are not home for our animals but also for safety/security sense. These allow us to turn things on from our phone from wherever we may be to ease our minds.


Luggage – Luggage can get pricey and its something that you don’t do back flips over purchasing but you want the good stuff. Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to get a set for your travels ahead. Pick you a good one. We loved our Genius Aerial set. When we were on our honeymoon our concierge actually said that there are pricier sets, but he would and has recommended this brand to anyone who asks! For someone who handles lots of luggage, I’d say that’s a good buy.

Dewalt Orbital Sander – We needed to start our tool set and I have already used this orbital sander more times than I can count in a single year. Sanding is something you will have to do many of times if you own a home, so this is a great starting point and saver to your sanity.

Folding Chairs – Folding chairs were a last minute add and we have said soooooo many times that this was one of the best things on our list. How many times do you need chairs for a cookout/tailgate/nephew’s soccer game? Getting something comfy and quality is key.

Deep Freeze Tote – Having a quality, heavy duty freeze bag to bring items to a cookout or friends house is key. We owned several smaller, less functional and/or leaky bags. Getting an investment one that can easily be toted around has been key and a regularly used item in our home in just the short year we have owned it.

Basically those are the ‘I’d buy them again and a thousand times over’ and the list I would recommend to any couple entering this phase of life, no matter the age. Let your gifts be practical with a little piece of luxury and enjoy them 🙂

For a deeper look at our wedding and planning details, you can see all of that here!


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