Magic Light Trick Update

August 2, 2021

My home office got a facelift in April 2020 (I think many people did) and one of those edits was to add sconce lights to illuminate art and elevate the look. I didn’t have the budget nor did I want to pay for hardwiring of those lights, so we improvised and the solution is magical.

If you haven’t read that blog, you can do that here.

And to refresh your mind on looks, let’s go down memory lane…

This was the original office. It was too busy and not inspiring for my mind set. It needed less clutter and needed some elevation.

Adding the lights changed the look MASSIVELY. I’m learning along side all of you and as you saw in the original blog, I used velcro as my adhesion directly onto the light. The velcro worked (mostly). For whatever reason one light fell down constantly. After all, there wasn’t a great flat base, but a space for a light to screw in as you would expect on a light, but why only one struggled? The world may never know.

In efforts to keep these functional and fabulous, I went back to the drawing board. I had a few ideas up my sleeve with wire and make shifting other flat surfaces, but I wanted to evaluate the full scenario and not just the drop factor. The other piece was that when it came time to change batteries, how do I make this easiest on me? The velcro reallllllly sticks and you have to hold onto the light so it doesn’t start moving. Also, I don’t want the change of batteries to be a long process. Its batteries after all, this should be easy.

All that being said, this is where we landed with our magic light trick.

Same tools as last time, but adding in these fuses. They screw directly into the bulb location. The base of the fuse is flat, allowing the light to have a base to cling to and because of the screw in factor, changing batteries is now a simple process when needed.

You can see the base here and how this solution naturally works with ease.

So we kept the velcro on the base of the puck light and added small pieces of the opposing velcro to the base of the fuse and the stick was simple.

You can see how these naturally screw in as a light bulb would now.

Done and done. A simple update that elevates the room and is now more functional than ever.

Magic Light Trick Supplies

Light of your choice – I went with these
Fuse Base
Heavy Duty Velcro
Puck Lights with Remote

Office Sources

All Sources Linked here


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