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Living Room Changes

June 10, 2021

Our living room, like many other homes, is the main hub of the home. It opens into the kitchen and is where we spend a majority of our time at home. I love to watch spaces continually change and evolve. While may pieces may remain, to watch things evolve in a space and slowly change or make their way out is sooooo fun to see. One season of life, you think something looks stunning and when you look back you remember that feeling but have let the space evolve with your own life.

Lets take a look back at our living room and see how it has changed…..

DIY black TV Wall

DIY Abstract Art Tutorial

And now here we are. A little softer contrast and I continue to love every step along the way. There are three most recent and notable changes that I think have impacted the space the most.

  1. A new rug – our previous rug was white and layered. I LOVED it. And I still do love that look. With two dogs and more life being lived in this space, the white just wasn’t worth the headache. I needed something that was more fitting to our lifestyle. Taking away some of the white and adding a pattern changed this room immensely and also made it more beautiful and livable for our day to day life.
  2. Closed bins – Previously we had a large blanket storage bin that was open and worked wonderfully for that season. Since, I have found my day to day blanket (this one is my absolute FAVORITE and would buy it 100x over again) so less blankets are needed. While spares are necessary and I like to have my heated blanket available, I wanted to limit. We went smaller. We also moved our faux fiddle leaf from our newly updated bedroom to the living room to add height and placed it in the largest style of the same bin. The closed look keeps things tidier and the woven, classic look adds an extra element to the space as well.
  3. Curtains – When I first moved into this home in 2015, I added simple white curtains. I should have bought the same length, but I didn’t (learning curves….). Not having both at the same length always was something I wanted to change. Additionally, the white started to take a beating as the curtains are right next to the vent and naturally dust can build up at that output. No matter how many times I washed them, the slight tint was inevitably there. So, learning from the past, I needed new curtains and most likely not white.


Loloi Rug
Curtain Rod
Velvet Curtains (Color – Gallery Taupe)
Serena and Lily Baskets (Size Large and Small)


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