Adding Magnetic Door Catches

May 19, 2021

Do your doors not lay flush? Are your cabinets potentially over stuffed? Cheaper cabinetry? No matter what the case, doors that don’t properly close can drive you UP THE WALL.

Walking into a room and seeing a door slightly propped open literally drives me insane. Some items just don’t fit properly inside and it is what it is. Then you have cheaper cabinets that in some ways, you just get what you pay for… doors that don’t sit flush.

I’ve had the IKEA Billy system in our closet since the day the build was complete on this home. It was the first thing I did. It’s been a game changer for this closet and makes it look and function like a high end closet. Not until this spring (6 years after moving in) did I decide to add doors to one of the units. You can read all about those changes here.

In this singular unit, we store our jeans, shorts and sweatshirts. The issue comes with the sweatshirts. They are just so big and bulky that no matter the fold, the material is going to slightly press on the newly installed door and not let it rest flush as it should. Sooooooo we are making that happen.

When we did some upgrades to the accessory corner of our closet, we used magnetic latches on this unit (not IKEA) and its seriously a dream. It closes perfectly and you know its latched.

Tools Needed
Magnetic Closures

WARNING: These magnets have VERY GOOD magnetic pull

Because of the pull from these, its important to mark your spots and pre-drill to maintain your sanity and eliminate mistakes.

  1. Mark where your screws for the inside magnetic base will land
  2. Pre-drill screw on mark
  3. Remove screw and re-screw with base in place
  4. Place flat, door side magnet on base magnet and close cabinet door while putting force where magnet will need to be placed to get marking on door side
  5. Use screw to pre-drill flat base location
  6. Place flat base in pre-drilled hole and hammer into place
  7. Repeat for remaining magnets

This simple piece of hardware has immensely changed the look and functionality of the space and is such a simple fix!


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