Spice Drawer Organization

May 11, 2021

We did a big kitchen organization over haul in 2019 which included customer drawer organizers (in the kitchen and beyond). One of the best parts with home updates is that as you live with them you continue to tweak and make them even better. Leaving things stagnant never sticks.

When we did the kitchen organization, the spice drawer got organized based on the store purchased containers. Each area held certain spices and therefore certain contains HAD to be stored in certain rows. Well as we have continued to use and purchase spices, its gotten a little out of control.

The chaos of that drawer got me to say, ‘how can we make this better?’

First I decided the same jar all around would make the stuffing of things a bit easier and immediate visual lift. The differing in sizes currently required specific bottles to land in certain areas. The left kept all big containers as well. Simplifying sizes would simplify our lives.

The hardest part for me was the labels. So many labels were too trendy for me or too much of a farm house look. We define our home style as modern, classic. And there is the cricut that allows you do define more but A. I don’t have one and B. I’m not on my crafting game enough right now to really need one, let alone invest in one.

Once bottles and labels were decided on it was smoooooooth sailing. We already had DIY’d our organization pieces pretty easily (tutorial here), but if you don’t want to go down the DIY train, these are a great and clean option for you.

I pulled out all of the spices from our drawers and vacuumed, re-vacuumed, wiped and re-wiped and wiped again to get every little grain of whatever that had scattered through our drawer. While that was drying, I could get to transferring spices and labeling.

The key to keeping your labels looking uniformed is to start the bottom of the label in the same location for each. I found the starting point that I deemed appropriate, measured, marked and then could apply the stickers. Using a felt tip marker or dry erase marker allows you to mark the container, apply the sticker and then wipe the mark away. Easy peasy. Also, because of the width of the labels, it pretty much naturally centered itself and any little imperfections will never be noticed.

The labels I chose stick amazingly to glass. The product the printer used is actually an ORAFOL product that is used in the racing world to decal cars so the material adheres easily, allows for any air bubbles to be pushed out, can be removed if not placed correctly and also stays in place. Basically its the bomb dot com.

The jars I chose also came with a funnel to help in the transfer of spices.

When my husband came home and saw the finished product, he asked about the price of the jars (because they are glass and nice quality). After knowing the price he said, ‘why would anyone NOT do this? It’s a game changer.’ No other information needed.

Glass Spice Containers
Modern Spice Labels
Spice Drawer Organizer


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