Beach Fever

May 7, 2021

Anyone else extra ready for the beach, pool, any body of water!?

I’m a beach lover at heart and so excited for some time near water with warm weather on the horizon. With some fun plans and even some back yard lounging on the mind, I thought I would round up some of my favorites!

Shop This Image: No.1 Aerie Deep V // No.2 Aerie Long Line Bikini // No.3 Aerie Banded Bikini Bottom // No.4 Summer Salt Side Stroke // No.5 LLBean Beach Hat // No.6 Sungait Sunglasses // No.7 Sojo Sunglasses // No.8 Baseball Hat // No.9 Aerie Kimono // No.10 Xhilaration Drop Wait Cover Up // No.11 Bumpkin // No.12 Striped Beach Bag // No.13 Dock & Bay Towel // No.14 Iron Flask Tumbler

This one piece is a new one for me for 2021 and after a couple of wears this winter during some quick trips. I’m obsessed. It might be my official favorite.

I own these tops and bottoms in a variety of colors. My go two two piece set.

Had this for my bachelorette party and it hugs all the things just right. The quality is superb.

My current beach hat has seen its days. This one recently came in the mail and getting it’s first go at beach days in a few short weeks!

You can’t go wrong with a classic cap. Getting it monogrammed takes it to the next level.

My favorite two sunglasses on any day – Sungait and Sojo

I like to have a good kimono and dress option for cover ups available to fit the mood.

Beach bag essentials – Beach bag that has a water proof liner, Sand deterrent towel, water proof bag for essentials (phone, wallet, etc), and a solid tumbler for a cool drink or cocktail!

Packed and ready to go! Are you!?


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