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KM April Favorites

May 5, 2021

It’s officially spring, so you could say spring cleaning is under way. The month of April, I feel like has been little organizational tweaks to maintain sanity around here. With organization has been hauls of things to get rid of and adding more to my PoshMark closet to get those items into a new home.

Getting married in August and merging two full house holds, selling a home and putting it all under one roof is a task. The areas most heavily hit were our closet, the kitchen and the laundry room.

For our closet, it involved reorganizing and being more intentional with that space. We added peel and stick wallpaper and full details of that update coming really soon! In the meantime, you can see the beginning steps here!

For our kitchen, we have lots of cabinet storage but owning four sets of pots and pans is soooooo not necessary. Some have been donated and we are looking to add some pieces to a garage sale here soon. The refrigerator has gotten more full as well. We had some organization pieces but have added more acrylic storage in the refrigerator as well as the pantry. Here is the first step I took to organization long before the wedding that was a great starting point for us. Continued efforts here make our lives much better. With so much time spent here, we want the kitchen to continue to be a happy space.

And finally the laundry room. My laundry load just doubled. I’m home, so I have committed to that role and happy to do it. The laundry room was so ugly to me though. So after new DIY flooring and adding some simple shelves and paint, I’m seriously smitten. When I put my laundry in the hamper at the close of the night, sometimes I find myself just staring. It genuinely makes me sooooo happy to spend time in this little corner of our home, lint and all. It’s just beautiful and fits much better into our home.

So, spring cleaning brought many of my favorites for this month! I hope these are helpful for your every day life!

  1. Speaking of laundry, have you heard me talk about Dropps!? Its environmentally friendly laundry AND dishwashing pods. Premeasured without the color additives and for less than you are spending with the most popular brands. We use them in our home for both laundry and dishes and couldn’t be happier with helping the earth and helping our pockets. Plus I prefer to your door and done.
  2. When we added the shelves to our laundry room, I fell in love with the brackets I found. Our style is less industrial, but these brackets add such perfect classic detailing with the curve and super budget friendly.
  3. Need grass TLC, add this roll and keep it watered. It’s done magic on our needed lawn spots.
  4. Why are chip clips so ugly!? These are pretty.
  5. All the cans are now organized in our refrigerator. Space maximized and less chaos.
  6. My favorite addition to our closet is this jewelry box. It was gifted to me for my Birthday. Its stunning, supports a small business and a great legacy piece. (More on the closet soon!)
  7. Give me all the good sunglasses. Top two – Here and Here