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KM March Favorites

April 6, 2021

We survived February and made it to March and starting the onward pace to April and my soul is happpppppy! March included some sunshine and warmth and beach. I cannot tell you how badly it was needed. The depths of winter make me cranky and everything in me absolutely needs sunshine and warmth. I got it and I feel human again. We can all praise that.

We wrapped up March and had some fun projects that continue to help transform our little builder grade home into something unique and ours. From the bathroom wall upgrade to the laundry room budget friendly (and mega statement worthy) flooring to the closet corner with peel and stick wall paper, these projects have hugely changed those spaces within our home. While working on these projects and flat out just living, I gathered my favorites for the month! March favorites….

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Speaking of the closet, adding wallpaper to a space of mine has been on my list for a while. Wallpaper is no longer the 90’s movement that makes us all cringe and just screams work. Wallpaper has come so far and now is beautiful and statement worthy and even comes in peel and stick versions. I tackled a little corner of our closet with the most beautiful water color paper and I just swoon at every glance! I now find myself walking through the house wondering what else I can wall paper…. Yes, its really that stunning and not a project you want to run from.

Target Dresses

Target is KILLING IT lately! I love how they have moved away from the itsy-bitsy version of everything and added some beautiful details and enough fabric to cover your booty in their clothing. I am just amazed. I think I had a handful of ten dresses strolling through the store.

Top Three
Who What Wear Puff Sleeve Dress
Who What Wear Empire Waist Dress
A New Day Tiered Dress


My original Nespresso sadly had a malfunction and with tech support and all the youtube videos you could ever watch, I had to retire it. BUT they did hook me up with a newer version with a discount to get me back to life. I basically didn’t have a coffee maker for about a week or so and OH.MY.GOODNESS. I knew I loved my coffee maker but after trying to live off of iced coffee from home and getting some cups from other locations while I was out, all I wanted is my coffee maker. I tell you all the time that it’s the best coffee and I mean it. No where else compares and all I want in my Nespresso. If you are a coffee drinker and don’t have one of these, you are truly missing out.

Magnet Closure

I added a little shelving/organizer situation into our closet (in front of the wallpaper wall) and after install and adding all the contents, I decided I wanted the doors to close-close. You know when you add things that might be oversized and sometimes the doors you don’t feel are closed-closed? I found these little magnetic gems on Amazon for a simple install and they CLOSE the doors. A simple little addition that helps these keep a little neater and continue to the custom look.

Faux Plants

I have had plants in the corner of our entry and year after year they dieeeeeee. That corner doesn’t get the sunlight that it needs and I admit defeat… to faux we go! I hit the jackpot in my local Michael’s when I was running in to pick up an order. Finding good faux plants is always a challenge, but they had an abundance and now I’m a proud owner. The entry way is ‘alive’ again!

Velvet Curtains

Our bedroom has been in transition for a while now awaiting our bed frame and new mattress. The bed frame is here and the mattress is on countdown!! One of the pieces we updated a while ago was the window treatments. We changed out the curtain rod from basic to this lux curtain rod (but basic in price) and added the MOST STUNNING curtains. They are heavy and beautiful. The curtains in our home are pretty much all from moving in back in 2015….. so naturally, I’m all for changing them allllll. I can’t help it. they are that good.


I’m pretty much obsessed. I love art that tells a story. We added this framed golf flag we were gifted for our wedding (from where our first date was) and just last week I sent two more things off to be framed. To use your memories as art is the best kind of art. I might have to tame my self here soon, but for now, I will keep loving and shipping!

If you aren’t familiar with Framebridge, they can pretty much frame anything from photos to textiles to you name it. When you get to their homepage, you can select what you are framing and upload a digital image of that item to help you better visualize the end result. It then asks for the measurements. If this is a textile or preexisting item, you simply measure that item as it. If it is an image, you can select what size you would like…. and spoiler- Framebridge will print your image for you (they printed the below for me years ago). After selecting your sizing, they will populate frames that can accommodate your needed size and provide the visual for you to make the best decision possible. After selecting your frame, you will move on to purchasing and sending in your item (if necessary) with a Framebridge provided mailing label at no additional cost. You ship off your item and before you know it, they will be back in your hands! Easy and beautiful and another thing checked off your list!

Power Washer

I love this power washer. This one has enough power to get things done around the house. I have used this on patios/sidewalks, house siding, furniture, rugs and fabrics and it does the job magically. No need for anything more on your spring cleaning. I do mine annually to make the next year a bit easier. The patio furniture went out and I refused to get it all out of storage until I knew the space was cleaned. You could see the dirt build up in the cracks and I don’t want that caked on my stuff or being brought into our house. This year was by far the easiest because of my regular cleanings, so easy peasy.

And now I have a beautiful space, ready for summer.