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Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Edition

December 8, 2020
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  1. The best wedding gift we got were these pots and pans! They are worth the price one hundred times over! No chemicals and seriously, nothing sticks to them! Not only are they stunning, but I have what I need and the clean up is so easy you can hardly call it a clean up.
  2. I stumbled across these and this is now a must have! My knives are all in disarray and this little knife dock keeps them all organized and the sharp points out safely tucked away.
  3. Having a utensil holder next to my stove is a must. Everything is available as needed and the perfect little canister keeps it beautiful.
  4. I adore this kettle. Again, a wedding gift and we have used this more in the past three months than anything else (excluding my favorite coffee maker).
  5. I have always had the standard lay in your sink, circle strainers. This one is brilliant. It stretched across your sink. No miss pour and away from the bottom of your sink.
  6. My FAVORITE COFFEE MAKER. This gem makes the best coffee. I say it daily. I’d rather have coffee at home than anywhere else. It uses the these pods 🙂
  7. I’m a sucker for a good cookbook. Pretty and practical and you get to try something new. Win win.
  8. The plastic containers your olive oil comes in is ugly. This is pretty and simple and when kept beside your oven, it’s convenient.

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