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Holiday Gift Guide: Comfort Edition

December 3, 2020
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  1. Aerie has the BEST sweatshirts and this oversized one is the perfect lounge worthy wear.
  2. All the screen time kills your eyeballs but getting a pair of blue light glasses are a game changer. I don’t wear glasses but I added these to help give my eyes a rest and help with the reoccurring headaches and its saved me!
  3. These are my go-to pair of leggings. I get a new pair every year or so. They are thick enough to not be see through but thin enough to not feel like you have an extra thick layer of skin on.
  4. My daily comfort… this blanket. Worth every dollar over and over again.
  5. Again, I get headaches 😫 with the blue light glasses and this microwavable pad, I can avoid the Tylenol train.
  6. These slippers are not only adorable but comfortable just the same!
  7. Candles are always a go to gift and I love the idea of supporting small businesses.
  8. I’m not a big reader reader, but I love light reading and skimming for inspiration. This book is beautiful and fits just that!
  9. Toes are always cold in the winter, so a pair of cozy socks are a must!

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