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Holiday Gift Guide: Health & Beauty Edition

December 2, 2020
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  1. You can’t go wrong in giving a small cosmetic bag. Whether for make up or lipsticks or just things to pack because we always have things, this is a great option. I also like that this one is vegan leather so it’s soft and moldable as well as wipeable.
  2. My skin has always struggled with acne and since the wedding and the stress of this year, it has gotten worse! I recently started a new skin regimen and I swear this has been the game changer!! I see my skin getting better every day and I owe it to this magic in a bottle.
  3. I have curly, crazy hair and this creme has changed the way my hair drys. I put it on every time I wash my hair and it tames the crazy just with a simple apply.
  4. Whether moving or just sitting at a desk all day, your body can hurt! This is an amazing topical option to help ease that pain and not miss a beat!
  5. Adding lip color changes your look am I right!? My makeup artist used this for my wedding and I am now addicted! Best long lasting and all the colors for all the occasions!
  6. Another obsession…. Nails. I love having my nails done but I really don’t like the process of going to the salon or the salon prices, but these stick on nails are all the things!! They stay on my nails for 2-2.5 week and have a fraction of the price tag! I choose the short length for my likes and lifestyle.
  7. Winter is here and pale is blah. I use theses tan drops during the winter season to keep a little color in my face!
  8. And when I do dry my hair this tames the crazy just like my air dry creme. It cuts down on the strainer need and therefore less heat applied to my hair. Win win!

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