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Holiday Gift Guide: Dog Edition

November 30, 2020
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  1. Our dogs love a special treat and these bones don’t have us worried about the rawhide and their bellies! Our littlest dog, Macee, goes wild for these!
  2. Beds and comfort are a must. While we do allow our dogs on the furniture, they sleep in their own beds at night. This one is in our living room and looks nice with decor without screaming ‘we have a dog.’
  3. Both of our dogs have a curl to their hair, especially Nina, our golden doodle, we have to watch for matting to keep their hair healthy and not cause additional chaos for her. This brush has helped us avoid the mess and we are all happy because of it!
  4. We love walks and this is a life saver for me! Free hands and makes long walks extra enjoyable!
  5. We are dog parents and we like to keep an eye on them while we are gone. These cameras allow us to keep an eye on them for a small price.
  6. I hate digging in a bag for dog food and I don’t want to break my back every time to feed them or fill the container either. This allows for everything to be organized and easy to scoot around on wheels.
  7. Again, since we have curly haired dogs, did you know the round collars help reduce matting around their necks! Nina rocks the teal one for an extra pop of color.
  8. These are Nina’s favorite! She goes wild for these like Macee goes wild for the better belly bones!

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