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Holiday Gift Guide: Home Edition

November 25, 2020
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  1. A decorative Box is a perfect way to hide the ugly and thing that you want unseen like car keys, tv remotes and thing of that nature. Just makes the home look a little neater in my book.
  2. A rug is a perfect change to any space. Floors get wear and tear and this can totally change the look. This is the rug we purchased and totally changed our living room look.
  3. I adore a good vase. Whether real or faux florals, having a grand vase at your entry, at your table or even as a floor piece styles the home up.
  4. A serving tray is one of those must have decor pieces. It helps bring things on a table together. We have our remote box and candles on one in our living room and our key box, vase and lamp on another in our entry. It makes all the difference.
  5. Frames are something you pretty much can’t have enough of. Adding to an area of your home or making of a gallery wall is always welcome.
  6. Artwork from the Kortni Marie Print shop is easy. You purchase the digital download and then you can print it in any size you need (even large canvases)! Art is a perfect addition to any home.
  7. This is the ultimate throw blanket in my book. In fact, I’m snuggled up in it as I type this right now. Perfect weight and amazing style. Worth the price over and over again.
  8. Pura is new to me and is on my own list! No more yucky wall plug ins but a clean look and can be controlled from your phone!
  9. You go to so many stores and see the stone coasters… they don’t do anything but let the liquid run right off. These wooden coasters are classic and actually do the job. We had these on our wedding registry and now I pretty much use them daily!
  10. Faux stems are worth the investment. Use that oversized vase and swap them out for the seasons.

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