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Holiday Gift Guide: Coffee & Tea Lover Edition

November 25, 2020
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  1. If you follow along on Instagram stories, you know that I ADORE my Nespresso coffee maker. I would choose a coffee at home over any cup of coffee anywhere. Worth it every time.
  2. While there are pods that are one time use, I like to have this as back up or just cost saving measures where I can make my own pod from my own ground coffee.
  3. Life is always on the go and having a cup to bring on the go is key.
  4. And with more of life spent at home lately, a cute personalize cup adds an extra smile to the morning!
  5. Organization is key. Having a place for all the things including your tea bags makes life easier and cleaner.
  6. My go to afternoon cup of tea. This kettle is beautiful just to leave out and then obviously practical.
  7. Favorite tea by far.
  8. Ground coffee needs a place to be. I prefer clear so I can see what I have left and the visual adds another texture to the space, so win-win here.
  9. My favorite set of pods to buy for my ever favorite Nespresso machine.

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