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Our New Living Room Rug by LoLoi

November 13, 2020

Our living room takes a beating like most living rooms. Its the central location in our home and the main hang out spot. We also have two dogs. And while they are amazing and fabulous, they are dogs that sometimes track in unwanted dirt. So yes, our living room has taken a beating.

I got the rugs in our home about 4-5 years ago. They are light in color with no design so it shows more. Also, about two and a half years ago, our golden doodle, Nina, wanted to see what red lipstick tasted like and took a small bag of red lipsticks while we were at a wedding and had a hayday on the carpet with them. Yes, that rug survived two and a half more years after that!!

I have been watching the Loloi brand for quite some time and adore their style and details, so adding one of their rugs to our space was a must. I narrowed our selection to two rugs and added them into an image of our living room to get a better visuals. You can do this in your own home with something as simple as Microsoft Word or Power point to layer and help visualize your space a bit easier.

We decided to go with the Lucia Collection in 7’9″ x 10’6″ (in steel/ivory color). Our previous rug was an 8’x10’x so very close in size. The style we had previously I loved and adored, but when an opportunity presents itself for change, take advantage! I’m loving this new look. So classic and just adds an extra element of style to our space. The other reason I chose the Lucia is because it has the slightest hints of pink, ivory/gold, and blue within the tones of grey and white that help tie in our abstract art we have on the walls. If you missed that project, you can check that out here! Simple and great impact for the space!

What do you think of the upgrade! I would love to hear what you think in the comments!

Other great Loloi rug options are here for you as well!


And most importantly, Nina approves of our decision! To shop other items in our home, you can shop our home! Check that out here.

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