Custom Drawer Dividers

September 1, 2020

One thing I hate most in a home is when things don’t have a place to belong… anyone else feeling me on this!? I am a firm believer that everything needs its place. It helps with my sanity of clean up but also knowing where to find things. We talked about Kitchen organization a little while back here

Drawers can be hard. Large space. Things roll/shift/move. Basically, nothing stays in its spot.

I have tried drawer organizers but its never right. It’s never actually what you want. My solution is then to make your own. And it’s actually not that hard. I’m a roll with the punches girl and knowing that no project goes perfectly gives you that extra piece of freedom, because it will go wrong in some way no matter how big or how small the error.

I have purchased these drawer dividers to help trial run drawers that I still don’t know what I want the organization to look like so I am not putting holes in places that aren’t ready for holes. Once I know how I want things organized, I’m ready to go!

I start by clearing out the entire drawer. Everything. Then vacuum it out and wipe it out. Let’s legit start from scratch.

Then lets put everything back in the drawer how we want it organized. I use dominoes to help map it out for me visually and know how things align.

Based on those dominoes, I measure the lengths, cut, and sand (ends only) my board to the appropriate length. I used a 1x4x6 Poplar board for myself. It’s a semi finished board and blends well with the interior of the drawers with out painting or staining.

I then use standard drywall screws and screw them into the sides of the drawer.


Seriously, that’s it. It feels more intimidating than it looks. The whole project cost me under $20 and drawers in the bathroom and kitchen are in a better place. As those of you who follow on instagram may know, I recently got married and merging two adults into a bathroom can really throw things for a loop. New organization and crisis averted!!

Hope this helps with the sanity in your own home!

Cheers, km

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