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Puck Light Wall Scones – No Electrical Needed

April 21, 2020

I’ve been working on updating my home office to a look I love a bit more. Since the whole shut down thing, I’ve been spending a whole lot more time in my little home office. Before it had a crisp, fresh, white look but the main wall I wasn’t loving. I wanted a more elegant, art gallery look.

Earlier in quarantine, I had you all help me decide which sconces to go with. (I actually went with none of the above.) I found another alternative very similar to Option A but with a shorter arm and they are PERFECT!

The next question I got was if I ran electrical to make them work… I did not. For me, it was not worth the investment. These sconces are not an every day use and therefore, spending the money to have these run was not worth the investment.

How do I have lights?? I used Puck Lights to add to the electric base of each light. Have you heard of the Magic Light Trick?? Well, this is it. Rather than hardwiring electric, you attach battery operated puck lights to the inside of your light. This option is much more budget friendly and much less permanent. I’ve seen this trick from some of my favorite follows: Chris Loves Julia, Within the Grove and Nesting with Grace.

I’d love to show you how I did this and accomplished the look on a budget all while successfully hanging FOUR wall sconces that change the look of this office.


Light Fixture of your Choosing – I went with these
Heavy duty velcro
Battery Operated Puck Lights (with remote)


If you haven’t already found the light you want, go ahead and search away! Here is a great start to your search on Amazon. I installed mine with a drywall anchor to ensure I wouldn’t have a crash situation down the line (rather be safe than sorry). My laser level was the tool that made this all so much easier making sure I was level for all four lights.

After the lights themselves are installed, installing the puck lights literally takes just minutes. I cut my velcro to a width that fit my light and then cut the appropriate pieces for all four of my lights to be installed.

I then added one side of the velcro to the interior of my sconce. Since my base is a little smaller, I curved the edges of the velcro square I cut to adhere to the sides as well for an extra hold. The other side of the velcro was then attached to the puck light. Then attach!Be sure your velcro is heavy duty and can hold at least 3 pounds to make sure there is no redo needed down the line.

I held the base of the sconce to use extra force to ensure the puck light got attached securely.

How easy was that!? Such an amazing look for such a fraction of the price. When purchasing your puck lights, I advise spending a little extra to get the remote that goes with them. This allows you to turn the lights on all together and without touching the lights causing additional wear on the velcro.

Now, we just wait on the frames! (Darn ‘Rona slowing things down) I’m sooooo excited to see this space come together. I have a vision of the art for these frames, but want to let myself visualize things a bit more before I get that underway. Other art print options can be found in the KM Print shop if you are looking for art for yourself as well.

Hope this helped you add some ideas for your own home and make them feel possible, rather than daunting! Tag me on instagram if you tackle this on your own, I would love to see your own home projects!

Happy Quarantining!

Xo, km

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