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Spare Bathroom Update

April 1, 2020

Remember when I was scheming for this bathroom update a year ago!? Basically, if you feel like it takes forever to get home projects under way, it takes forever for the rest of the world too. We all have distractions, things that take up our spare time and dollars, so welcome to the club.

In retrospect, I’m glad I waited, because I added art to the spare bedroom which inspired the paint color (Gray Heron) and paint is much easier than the wall paper I was considering (and the better financial investment for this space as well).

To revisit the original, I have a standard builder grade home that was complete in April 2015. I made some upgrades in the building process, but the pretty details are easier and cheaper to do on your own later down the line (think paint, lighting, wall detailing and more) – And we have come a long way! Back to this little jack & Jill bath upstairs, it doesn’t get used as regularly as the other spaces in the house, but somehow has taken a beating and felt like the biggest eye sore to me.

Now working from my home office for the time being, I was seeing this little space daily and with being homebound so much now, the excuses had run out. Because I had already replaced the mirror and towel ring, I really just needed some art, paint and a new light fixture. The good thing about paint is that it is the cheapest and most impactful change you can implement. After lots of searching for a light fixture that fit not only style, but budget as well, things took off.

What a change, right!? Makes all of the difference in the world and the investment was quite minimal.


Paint – Pittsburgh Grand Distinction Gray Heron

Round Mirror

Light Fixture

Towel Ring

Hand Towel – Similar

Shower Curtain

Curtain Rod


Art Frame

Birkenstock Women’s Papillio
Revlon Oval One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizing Styler
Angled Wood Serving Tray
Woven Bin
Freepeople Ottoman Slouchy Tunic
Floating Frames
Boxwood Wreath
Old Navy Black Distressed Jeans
Grow Light
Refrigerator Magnets
Coconut Oil
Meal Planning Pad
Neptune Ice
2 ct Earring
Merrell Sugarbush
Pottery Barn Faux Fur Ruched Throw
OPI Rapid Dry

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