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Dream Home Challenge

March 30, 2020

One of my all time favorite accounts to follow is Chris Loves Julia. I feel like every day I am itching to see what they are up to next. Well, in the homebound-ness of what life is today, they challenged the social work to build their dream home based on who they follow. I loved the idea! While a perfect room is hard to come by you know in the back of your head you have spaces that you already have tabbed ‘LOVE.’

I steam rolled through mine (and tried not to over think). There were a couple I had to truly think on – Master Bath & Laundry Room. But amidst this extra home time and brainstorming I thought I would share some spaces that I love and adore that influence me! Check them all out and give them a follow while you are there 🙂


CC and Mike
CC and Mike have an exterior and outdoor space that is to DIE FOR!! The white and black look makes my heart swoon. THEN add an amazing outdoor space and I’m just sold. Practical meets fashionable and I want to park my butt right here all the days.


Chris Loves Julia
Things that I love in a living room – big windows & tall ceilings. This whole space is still in the works, but even before its wrapped up in a pretty bow, this is my favorite. Perhaps it’s being along for the ride since day one or maybe it’s because it is just that good. With the living room being the heart of the room and where I personally spend a majority of my time at home, having the flow and the welcome of a space like this changes everything.


Room For Tuesday
What I love about this space is that it feels like your traditional kitchen. So many kitchens have gone so minimalistic that the warmth of the kitchen has been lost. This FEELS LIKE A KITCHEN! It’s traditional mixed with modern with dark tones and the mix of medals. I want a kitchen to feel like a cozy, welcoming space and this has all the things and allllll the feels!


Chris Loves Julia
If you didn’t already know that I love Chris Loves Julia and black windows, well, now you do. Tradition mixed with modern (see another pattern in my liking?) allows this space to flow so perfectly. The floors add that extra pop of flair into the room that still is classic. If you view from the other side, the fireplace is in view. A fireplace in the dining space is a luxury my heart yearns for. The comfort and quaint character the fireplace adds is icing on the cake for me.


Erin Kestenbaum
You can argue with me that this isn’t a ‘Master Bedroom,’ but for me, the style and character of this space is what I want in a master. It has the masculinity mixed with the touches of feminism. It has some depth of color but nothing tooooo deep. It’s simple yet intricate. The details of this space makes it a perfect Master in my eyes.


Jillian Harris
The bathtub. A bathtub defines a good Bathroom for me and this does it. It welcomes. It has the traditional elements mixed with the modern touches. Even the art ledge helps send me into a ball of swooning love.


The Makerista
When I picture a kids bedroom, it’s a space of style (that doesn’t have cartoons coming out of the walls) but also let’s the child express themselves. The way the art work is displayed and the feeling like you are in a little girls fairytale dream let’s this be lovable from the adult and child side.


The DIY Playbook
The more that can be hidden in the laundry room, the better! This space allows most all of it to be tucked away! The character of the deep green cabinetry adds a nice finishing touch.

What did you think? Think any of these could be your number one!? Each of these space (and faces behind the spaces) inspire me every day. I hope they inspired you and made you smile a little extra.

What’s your Dream Home!?

xo, km

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