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Office Wall Update – Lighting Options

March 23, 2020

It’s been a year, huh!? I don’t even know how to process any of this! But I didn’t get on here to talk about the chaos or the confusion, I am here to talk about pretty things….

I’m now (FINALLY) working from home. That means I am spending more time in my home office than every before. Last week I decided I wanted to start with a blank canvas with the large wall in my office. What I had before was fine, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So I patched the walls (favorite wall repair tool – here) and have been staring it the blank wall until it hit me today what I wanted to do with this space.

It needed maturity and a cleaner look. However, the walls need to remain neutral since I shoot some studio images in this space and the color reflections would result in another issue. That means, its down to decor elements for the sophistication and flair…

I had search Pinterest with nothing that popped until just sitting here a lightbulb went off like it does with the best ideas. To let myself visualize things a bit better, I took a photo of the blank wall so I could drop the inspiration in. Mind you the wall still has the patches and needs that fresh coat. Here’s a video of how I edited the image (Using SnapSeed on iPhone) and made the patches go away so I could visualize the pretty and not the messy.

I want to add wall sconces above some ‘To Be Selected’ Art work that will most likely be in the neutral or black and white family (some great options in the KM Print Shop). I don’t want this process to be too terrible pricey, so I think I have found some great options. I dropped those options in here for visual reference…

Option A – Brava Antique Brass Down-Light Wall Lamp

Option B – ATC Wall Sconce Lighting 2 Arm Adjustment Industrial Retro Wall Lamp

Option C – Modern Wall Sconce

Which options do you like? Each has its own elements to love. I’d love to hear what you think! Leave your feedback in the comments!

Xo, Kortni Marie

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