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My Christmas Wish List 2019

November 22, 2019

Christmas is coming! What is on your wish list!? I’m hoping my wish list might inspire yours or might give you ideas for others in your life to give to! I believe each and everyone of these items is worth the gift and something to be excited about! Some practical, some just because.

Pottery Barn Blanket

I have one of these already. I have one and use it every single day no matter the season. I love it so much I want a grey one. Use it in another room or actually be able to share the ‘good blanket’ with someone and not be the blanket hog!

2020 Leather Planner

While I use my iPhone for so much, I still use an old school paper calendar. It sits beside me every day at work and I add notes and to-do’s and social things to keep it all together. Again, classic look with the lines I need on each page.

Merrell Boots

I own these too. But like many things on this list, I love it so much I want another variety. These are the best fall and winter boots I have ever owned. I want to add another color into the mix (basically so I can wear the same shoe more)! These aren’t just for the hiker, they are for the every-day-lifer.

Classic Sneaker

My current classic sneaker is on its final limb and I need a replacement. This is a classic with a fun modern twist. A classic sneaker is something that should always be in your shoe closet.


I currently have a long puffer jacket that I adore. The problem is that when the snow is wet or it’s just a rainy cold season, a puffer doesn’t cut it, you need the water proof layer. I love this Patagonia with the classic lines but also so functional. This is a definite investment, but this is a year after year staple.

Madewell Black Jeans

I practically live in black denim. Maybe it was the years of race tracks, but black denim is my most often worn piece. Finding a black denim that lasts, fits your curves and doesn’t have that chemical smell can be a trip. Madewell is a great staple. Investment but not over the top as every day wear items do take a beating and end up needing replaced with that beating.

Pottery Barn Mirrors

My home is builder grade which means its fine, but its nothing special. An easy way to take a step up is mirror replacement. I have replaced all other bathroom mirrors, just haven’t gotten to the master bath. I adore these Pottery Barn mirrors with gold trim. 

Nina Dog Bed

Why do so many dog beds have to be ugly!? This one is beautiful and with a company that loves the furry friends as much as I do!

Crate & Barrell Acrylic Frames

These have been on my list for a couple of years. I want a collage wall in a narrow hallway and the acrylic look will help the walls still feel open and not like they are caving in on you! I love the possibilities with these frames.

Outdoor Umbrella

My outdoor umbrella took a nasty fall during a big storm so a new one is needed before spring comes along. Going more simple this time. I loved my black and white stripes but since my back patio gets pounded by the sun the colors fade even more quickly.

Cheese Slicer

I love cheese!! I feel like Oprah saying that, but it’s true. I love cheese. And a fabulous and beautiful cheese slicer makes the experience all the better. What is better than a night of wine and cheese!


As I have gotten older I have become more of a hot tea drinker. Winter months have me craving something warm. This kettle is beautiful and practical for this season!

Lou & Grey Leggings

I have had my go to leggings for a few years not but every year the seams continue to get thin and rip. I’m hoping with the additional investment these might have a longer life. I adore the Lou & Grey brand and their fabrics.

Hearth & Hand Lazy Susan

I love trays and this one with the lazy susan aspect will be perfect for the kitchen space.

While the above is MY Wish List, I have some items I have purchased or been gifted over the last year or so that are a regular piece to my daily life and (not to be dramatic, but…) I feel like I can’t live without! These would be amazing gifts for some of the fabulous people in your life as well!

Garmin Watch

I had been watching the tech world and all the watches. I wanted a watch that tracked my steps to keep me accountable in my daily movements (no more excuses or justifications). My one stipulation is that I didn’t want it to actually look ‘techy.’ I’m more of a classic girl in my accessory choices and I didn’t want the modern look. I wanted a watch that looked like a legitimate watch. Garmin nailed it with this one. It’s beautiful and classic but has the modern tech pieces! Triple win in my book. While I still adore my classic gold watch and wear that to appropriate events, this Garmin is now my every day and adore it. Worth the investment and didn’t compromise on the look.

Free People Slouchy Tunic

This sweater is literally my all time favorite sweater. It’s an investment piece, but I wear it in all the ways. I’ve worn it with heels for a nicer dinner out, to work with boots, with jeans and kicks and even at home with my favorite pair of leggings! It’s that versatile and that durable. I’ve invested in a few different colors and would do it all over again!

Minimalist Magnets

I hate the look of a messy refrigerator with all the magnet varieties. This would be a great stocking stuffer for the Type-A personality in your life. (More kitchen organization ideas here)This allows for a classic and less messy refrigerator. I want to be able to see the fun mail that we get, but this keeps it cleaner looking for my sanity.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

I have curly and fro-tastic hair. I feel like it’s always a taming battle for me after the shower. Most of the time I try to let it air dry all or most of the time (secret ingredient being Kristin Ess Hair Dry Cream) but sometimes life isn’t on that slow of a pace and heat is necessary. This blow dryer cuts the fro status AT LEAST in half. Thumbs up from this crazy hair girl.

Threshold Rope Basket

No matter what I buy it needs to be pretty. What’s the point of buying ugly things, I don’t get it. These storage bins are perfect for exposed or hidden spaces. I use them in my master closet to store a variety of summer flip flops, but would also be great in living rooms to hide kids toys or tv items or in a closet for winter gloves. The opportunities are endless and they are pretty.

Every Day Earring

I bought these earrings a few years ago. I wear them 95% of the year. Again, the classic look with minimal effort and not an over the top look like some can turn into.

Cast Iron Skillet

If I had to choose one kitchen tool to keep it would be our cast iron. We use ours alllllll the time. When I first started dating Patrick, I had a smaller version, but since we have upgraded because it has been a regular piece that we take advantage of. Changed our cooking game.

Watch Case

Organization is key. Accessories can be so hard to keep organized and I don’t want a million boxes or things laying around. While my Garmin is my new go to as of this year, I still use and wear my classic watches. This way they are displayed beautifully but also protected. Keeps the corner of my closet looking beautiful.

Nespresso Coffee Machine

Coffee will never be the same since I was gifted this beast last Christmas. I want coffee from home and no where else. Forget going out and spending premium dollar at the local coffee shop, I want it at home. The froth and smoothness is unlike any other. I buy pods but also by foil caps to use regular coffee and save a little.

What’s on your Christmas list? What are you giving this year!?

Xo, km

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