Homemade Tortilla Chips

October 5, 2019

Guys, it’s football season!

If summer has to come to an end, at least we know that football is beginning. That means lounge-worthy Sunday’s snuggled up on the couch or hanging out with friends. And with fall and football, comes food…One of our favorite Sunday meals over here for football watching is soup (recipes coming sometime soon) and nachos. I feel like nachos are like the ultimate food choice. We always eat dinner at an actual table, but nachos somehow allow for different rules like dinner from the coffee table while yelling at the tv.

We have found that the key to nachos (no matter how you top them) is to bake your own chip! We can do another low down on how we make our nachos on another day but let me leave you with the secret ingredient… make dem chipssssss.

It sounds more intimidating than it really is. First of all, chips are expensive. Secondly, they sometimes are just blahhh. So let’s get to making your own.

1 Package Small Corn Tortillas
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sea Salt

Baking Sheet
Oil Dispenser
Cutting Board
Large Bowl

We have found it most successful to cut tortillas (I go with pie cutting for consistency, but there is no wrong way here) and let them sit in the open air (whether bowl or unsealed bag) for a day or two to help crunch them up. Therefore, if time permits, cut them as you wish a day or two prior to baking to help with the crunch factor.

Once your tortillas are cut, place them on a baking sheet. I always maximize what I can fit on each sheet to help cut down on the number of ‘batches’ I have to do. Once the tortillas are placed, I use my oil dispenser to drizzle EVOO evenly across all of the cut tortillas. Not much is needed, just a quick flip of the wrist really. Once the oil is distributed, salt to taste.

Then place the pan into your oven preheated to a low broil. The broil will allow the oil to crisp the tops of the chips and brown them to your desired golden shade of brown. Each oven will be a bit different, so this will be a trial run. It typically takes 3-4 minutes per batch. I also run two pans at the same time so that I can load a new tray while the other is crisping. I like to maximize my time so this helps expedite to I can jump into my next task a bit sooner.

When you are sold on the brown color you have achieved, you can remove your sheet from the oven and place the warm chips into your serving bowl of choice. They are delicious warm if you need to sample as you cook too 😉

It is then a simple repeat action until every tortilla is baked. If you don’t plan on eating them right away, no problem! The chips hold for quite some time! I do advise if you are not eating after baking, to let them sit again in the open air to ensure the oil that might still be in the chip does not create any sogginess. 

Simple, easy, cheap and delicious!

Whether for nachos or snacking or for a dip to be served with friends, I promise these will be a hit! Enjoy feasting and the football season that is upon us!

Xo, km 

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