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Dried Flower Frame Art

July 11, 2019

Art in a home is a detail that is like the icing on a cake. What is cake with no icing? What is a home with no art? Art makes a house a home. You can add art in a variety of different ways. You can find a decadent piece at your local shop or your nearest Home Goods. You have the KM Print Shop at your disposal to, use one of those prints to use in any way you please, including a life size canvas. You can create a gallery wall to display the faces of those precious people and places in your life. You can make abstract art…. the opportunities are endless.

Another way I like to include art into a home is to bring in something that has an emotional connection in your life. Whether it is a space, place (KM Print Shop can help with that too) or something you have at home as a memento…. old movie tickets, sea shells, a coaster from your favorite bar, flowers from a special occasion. The emotional pieces tug at my heart strings and has so much behind it all. You can send your items away to Framebridge and they can work with you to frame it as you desire. You can also use Pinterest to brainstorm ways to use those items and build it yourself.

These flowers are the first flowers Patrick ever bought me. It was on a whim and he showed up at my house to make dinner with a simple grocery store bouquet in hand (be still my heart). These are special to me because they represent just that, the sweet simple moments in life when you feel loved and squeezed in every way. I couldn’t bear to throw these in the next weeks trash pile, so they have been hanging dry from my kitchen shade for quite sometime. I used Pinterest myself to find inspiration on how I wanted to save them. The complete glass look was the simplicity and perfection I was searching for.

Frame: White Wooden Float Frame, Alexandria By Studio Décor®

For now these will hang in my bathroom for me to see every day. I like that I can wake up and be reminded of how lucky I am. Someday they may find a new location, but for now this is perfect.

This simple frame didn’t use but a fraction of those dried petals, so the rest are held in a box of memories for another date. I love this piece and think this is something I will cherish forever. Funny how such a simple piece of art in a home can mean so much and also bring so much to a space.

What do you have that you want to make into art? I would love to see what you have!

Xo, km

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