Power Washing Spring Cleaning

May 21, 2019

You wash your clothes, vacuum your floors and wipe your counter tops pretty regularly wouldn’t you say? And throughout the year you might dust your blinds or wash your curtains, but are you washing the outside of your home?

It seems like an unnecessary or daunting task, but it is neither. It does take time and its a boring, adult task, but very necessary. Your outdoor floorings and home siding are materials that hold dirt and mold and it builds up throughout the year. Then there’s your furniture that you sit on and yep, that’s just as gross and disturbing.

Now the next thing your thinking is ‘I don’t have the dollars for a fancy machine that does all of those fancy things.’ Well, I assure you there is a simple machine. For less than $110.00, Stanley has you covered. This is what I use for my vinyl siding, decking, patio, outdoor furniture and more.

The Power Washer connects to your existing hose and outlet. I used a simple extension cord to give me more walking room based on the plug placement around the exterior of my home. That’s all you need. Simple. You convinced yet?

You can choose the width of the spray to allow for more or less coverage per spray. Be careful to not place your fingers in front of the spray when the devise is on as the water is VERY powerful (hence power washer) and could do some damage to your skin that is in direct line of the spray. Otherwise, line by line, strip by strip, the gunk be gone.

Moral of the story is, get out and wash your exterior even if it doesn’t look dirty, it’s dirty. If there’s green stuff growing, no excuse.

If you’re looking for more outdoor inspiration, you can check out my patio inspiration for this. year, here. And for front porch inspiration with your mats, try layering!

Happy Spring and Happy Power Washing!

xo, km

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