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May 14, 2019

Mother’s Day was this past weekend and that might have been the first flood into your brain about gifting since Christmas. Holidays and occasions can sneak up on you quickly. When it comes to gifting, I try to live buy two guidelines.

  1. Think ahead: Some gifts take longer to receive (especially if they are custom). I don’t want time to be a reason I don’t take advantage of a fabulous gift, so thinking ahead and starting early are a huge benefit that eliminates barriers. Another reason for starting early is price. Things go on sale, promo codes run and when you are up against a close deadline for purchase, you don’t always have the luxury of taking advantage of these things (for more tips with online savings and shopping, check out this post).
  2. Be Intentional: When you don’t think ahead, you have less time for intentionality, so this point could really be rolled into point one 😊But I can always get my dad another tie or my sister another top to add to her wardrobe and sometimes that’s exactly what they need or want, but don’t let it be your lazy way out! Thinking about their interests or what they might actually need or want is the key. Nothing is worse than another gift to stuff somewhere in your home never to be seen again… you’ve received your fair share, I know you have.

In the spirit of thinking ahead and having intentionality, I’ve gathered some unique, practical and sentimental gifts to help with those two objectives of gifting as you look at the rest of your year. Plus I have a love for the small business world. One purchase at a small business has a real-life person doing a happy dance in their chair. Seriously. So here is a mix with some great small businesses to love, support and follow, but also amazing products and gift ideas as you head into your year to give intentionally ahead of time.

Custom Illustration

I love the idea of handmade, but we don’t want me trying to draw. Drawing is not a skill set I was blessed with, so I stick with what I know! I discovered an amazing Illustrator on Instagram (internet win) and have used Schlea Studios for two custom pieces. The first was a wedding gift and most recently for my own mom for Mother’s Day (hence the waiting on this post until after the giving). I love the handmade love that goes into a gift like this.

How the process works is that you find an image of your choice, I wanted an image that was more real life and less posed (I think we were at an amusement park in this image) and everyone looked ‘themselves.’ From there, I sent the image over to Grace at Schlea Studios and we talked through the style I was going for. I wanted things a bit more muted and a solid background to avoid distraction and allow the piece to go in any room of a house with out standing out like a sore thumb. Grace then set a timeline, I paid my balance and we started the process. She absolutely blew me out of the water with how it all turned out. 

Something like this takes time. It is not extensive but it’s not an Amazon Prime timeline like we have become so accustomed to. I plan to use Schlea Studios for many more gifts to come and maybe even a gift to myself someday!

Schlea Studios is offering a FREE SHIPPING PROMO CODE to Kortni Marie viewers. Any orders with Schlea Studios of $95.00 or more will receive FREE SHIPPING with code GBPLB2N. Take advantage now! Valid through June 20, 2019!


Skin care and self-care have been and will continue to be points of interest and as you add an extra year to your life, it becomes even more important. There is something joyous about taking care of yourself, so what better gift to give than the gift of self-care.

Self-care can be viewed in a few different ways. Self-care can be a tool that helps you achieve a goal or a product that makes you feel loved and taken care of. 

I am a goal oriented person, so keeping myself accountable with movement is something I love to do. I’m competitive and I also genuinely enjoy walks. Most smart watches have such a ‘digital’ look, which is not my style. I like the classic. However, I discovered that Garmin has a perfectly classic watch that has the same smart applications! This can keep you accountable but also keep the style you want. So this could be a great tool for anyone who is looking to move more as a self-care goal.

And then everyone loves to feel taken care of. Have you heard of the products that Bellame provides? Aging in reverse is a very real thing and this brand and their products help you do all of that. Right now you can save $15.00 off of your $100.00 order with the code SAVE15. Each product lasts for about 120 applications, so you have life in each tube. You can also see real results on aging in reverse when you follow Brittany.

To give the gift of self-care and restoring skin, you can order here and enjoy the results almost immediately.

Letter Board

I’m sure you’ve seen letter boards on Instagram or Pinterest, but I have found the BEST letter board out there. If you are like me, you don’t just buy something to have it or to be hip. You buy a product for the style and practicality. If it doesn’t fit both of those categories, it’s not for me!

I love the idea of adding a letter board to the home. Whether it for a daily joke, practical information and/or a decorative flair, the letter board is versatile and playful. 

This magnetic letterboard is all the things (insert praise hands). The TypeSet Co. has perfected the letterboard world. Most letter boards have the lines and the cheap little letters with little fingers that fit within those felt lines. Here’s where The TypeSet Co. differs…. Their board is magnetic – no more ugly lines. Their letters are magnetic – no more cheap little finger letters.

I have gathered some great ways to use a letter board in your home or for the home of the person you are gifting it to for inspiration. 

  • Quote/ Joke of the Day
  • WIFI Username and Password (you know you’re always chasing that little piece of paper)
  • Weekly Dinner Menu
  • Welcome Note for Guest Room
  • Office Inspiration Quote
  • Animal Name Plate above food & water bowl
  • Magnetic letters to be used on other magnetic surfaces (i.e. Refrigerator)
  • Art spot for kids 

Fun and fabulous, right!? Right now you can save 15% off of your order with the code KortniMarie through May 31, 2019 at TheTypeSetCo.com.

Family Photos

One of the priceless gifts in life is imagery. While most kids and even many adults are not excited about taking photos, that is all you have to take away from any season of life.

Find your favorite local photographer and schedule a photo shoot, mom will specifically love it. If you are local in the central Indiana area, Kortni Marie Photography has you covered 😉

Another option to your standard photo shoot would be something a bit more creative if you have littles. During your photoshoot, you could build a tent together, help dad mow the grass, make cookies with mom, or find an activity that you like to do together. Those are the every day life memories that you cherish the most. I wish more people did shoot like this, the true lifestyle imagery.

If you are on vacation, look up flytographer and have a shoot on the beach building sandcastles, fishing off the shore and just playing in the ocean. The opportunities are endless and priceless.

Memory Book or Cookbook

Blurb is a great tool to make something personal that has the quality behind it. I have used Blurb to make all of my yearly memory books and even created a Cookbook for my mom as a Christmas Gift. 

You can include images or scan photos of kid’s art work or awards or anything for memory sake that’s in one single place. Something like this can take some time if you don’t already have those details organize. If you are looking for ideas on how to organize your digital photos, you can check out my tips here to make the implementation easier in the end! This is perfect for yourself, kid memory books and for grandparents at any holiday!

Right now you can save 35% off of your order with the code PRINTNOW35 through May 17, 2019. To purchase the Fennig Taste Cookbook, you can find it here.

I hope these ideas help you give more intentionally and love on those people in your life and maybe a few other small businesses!

Xo, km

Birkenstock Women’s Papillio
Revlon Oval One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizing Styler
Angled Wood Serving Tray
Woven Bin
Freepeople Ottoman Slouchy Tunic
Floating Frames
Boxwood Wreath
Old Navy Black Distressed Jeans
Grow Light
Refrigerator Magnets
Coconut Oil
Meal Planning Pad
Neptune Ice
2 ct Earring
Merrell Sugarbush
Pottery Barn Faux Fur Ruched Throw
OPI Rapid Dry

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