the Friday 5

The Friday 5 – The First & a Little Introduction

May 10, 2019

I’m thinking about starting a fun little blog series here on KortniMarie.com, The Friday 5. A little place on a Friday to talk about the things I’m loving, I’m learning and I’m inspired by. Five things.  I think this will be an opportunity to open a door to sharing more about me and my life and what might bring light into your life. Sometimes its nice to know someone is human on the other side.

If you hate it, let me know. But I’m kind of excited to share some fun and some random pieces with you all! To kick it off I’ll mix it up with a little introduction as well 😊


My name is Kortni Marie and I am the face behind KortniMarie.com and the photographer behind Kortni Marie Photography and the KM Print Shop! I started photography in 2011, shot weddings and the whole gambit. It has served me well for many years. I now have spread the brand to cover this platform of building confidence in your home.Whatever your home looks like, whoever dwells there, whoever speaks into your life, whatever phase of life or chapter you are in, I want to help give you the tools to be confident there. You can read more on all of that here. Beyond the business, I am a Midwest girl who loves all things pretty. Slow mornings and long walks are my favorite. I’m Type A and sometimes think way too far ahead. I have this amazing guy in my life that makes life all the more fun and his daily squeezes are the best part of my day. I lived in Tampa, but moved back to Indiana in 2014 and that whole journey has probably taught me more than anything else in life. I built my first house in 2015 and soon after acquired my roommate, Miss Nina, my curly haired little lion. More to come on other things you might want to know, but this gives you a little taste.


And speaking of the above. This is the goal. 


Did you know that Walmart has a fabulous home line! I haven’t been a Walmart person in years, but these gorgeous lines have me rethinking my shopping choices. They have the MODRN line and the Drew Barrymore Flower Home line. Both are STUNNING and budget friendly options. Specifically, I am loving these velvet tassel pillows or this cow leather throw pillow. Or this tray is fabulous! Maybe you should take a gander too. Walmart the new Target for home decor??


The last couple of weeks have been rough. My mind isn’t sharp. Patrick was gone and it somehow shut me down mentally. Then there is the fact that until this week we have had colder and rainier weather than usual. I totally self-diagnose with Seasonal Depression. I had traveled so much for work through the winter in years past and then slowing down to a ‘normal life’ I didn’t notice too much with warm weather breaks during the Indiana Winter until this year….

It has literally been like my brain is mush, I can’t think and I want to throw a five year old fit at least once a day. I did get myself a happy light and take walk breaks at work when the weather permits, but lesson learned, sunshine and warmth is pretty much a medical necessity for me to survive winter. Let next years’ getaway planning commence!


Speaking of warm weather giveaways, I scooped this one-piece swim suit on Amazon and it is All. The. Things! There are some terrible swim suits in this dollar range, but this one is perfection and will be a part of the lake and pool extravaganzas for the year!

I also set some money aside and invested in this stellar summer sandals. Not the cheap ones that fall apart and make your feet hurt after you’ve been on the move, but the good kind with padding, but also style (I won’t sacrifice either of these). An investment but the most comfortable shoes I have owned to date (second to my favorite boots) and can’t wait to live in these allllll summer long!

Xo, km

Birkenstock Women’s Papillio
Revlon Oval One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizing Styler
Angled Wood Serving Tray
Woven Bin
Freepeople Ottoman Slouchy Tunic
Floating Frames
Boxwood Wreath
Old Navy Black Distressed Jeans
Grow Light
Refrigerator Magnets
Coconut Oil
Meal Planning Pad
Neptune Ice
2 ct Earring
Merrell Sugarbush
Pottery Barn Faux Fur Ruched Throw
OPI Rapid Dry