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Gallery Wall

May 7, 2019

You have probably seen hundreds of posts on gallery walls. How to hang them. Measure this and measure that. It all seems daunting. You feel like you need an army to get one hung and you have to have all of the frames at once, no adding or building on to it — WRONG

Gallery walls don’t have to have a hundred rules or be a five person job or an all night job. I am very much a Type A person, but I also wing most of life like most of the population. However, when I say ‘wing it’ there is also some intentionality behind the ‘winging of it’ because after all, no plan whatsoever never had much of a success rate. You need some basic structure to accomplish said gallery wall.

Yes, you can do the measure things out and make it all perfectly symmetrical, but like I said, sometimes you need more of a plan that has frame work (pun not intended) rather than a step by step road map.

So if you have some frames that would work as a gallery wall but not all identical, you need the less structured kind of gallery wall. Here are some guidelines to creating your own gallery wall:

  • Images: Select images with a similar color pallet or transform them into that color pallet. If images don’t have a similar lighting and color, images will stand out inappropriately. Transforming them to black and white eliminates that issue, plus I love the classic look of black and white. (Pro Tip: Print images in Matte, NEVER glossy)
  • Find Your Starting Point: Choose a starting image or Frame to build off. This is your middle. It doesn’t have to be a fancy Frame or image, just allows a launching point.
  • Slowly Build: Not all of these frames went up at the same time, I have added them as I have collected (and dug out of my storage container from moving). It takes the pressure off of having to purchase all of the frames at once or defining the lay out.
  • Spacing: The spacing does not have to be equal. Let the spacing be defined of what looks visually acceptable. With different width of frames, the spacing between frames will appear different to the eye even when it could be the exact same. Therefore, lean on your eye and what looks visually appealing.
  • Height: Most people hang things far to heigh, don’t be afraid to go lower or even floor to ceiling depending on what wall you are looking to fill

Gallery walls are a great way to display images of those you love in your home and doing it tastefully. (Check out what I have defined as the 6 Essentials to Decor on what helps wrap your room, family photos being one of them) The key to any gallery wall like this is to not put the pressure of perfection on yourself. Perfection won’t be necessary to achieve perfection here!

Happy hanging!

Xo, km

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