Cleaning Dark Cabinets

April 30, 2019

When I built my house, I quickly decided on dark cabinets. I’m a lover of contrast (as you can tell by all the black and white in my home, especially the TV wall in my living room). White was the popular choice and if you don’t know me well yet, I tend to like what everyone else does NOT have. So I went with the dark and went with my heart on the high contrast.

No matter what color your cabinets are, the kitchen is a main stop in the home. With all of the traffic and sticky fingers, things get dirty. Whether it’s visible or not, the dirt is there. White cabinets slowly get the film of dirt that you might not notice even and with dark cabinets, the showing of finger prints will inevitably show face. See below for grimy example….

I’ve done the deep cleaning of my cabinets twice now in my home since I closed on it four years ago and round three is here for the clean. The previous two scrubs I felt like I was putting such a shoulder into the scrub. Let’s face it, no one really wants to do this and when it takes most of your body weight to get the scrub to what you want it to be, you are detoured from the chore.

I’ve spent some time trying to find a better solution than just the warm soapy water ways of years past and this is where I’ve landed! I scooped a glass spray bottle (more substantial and doesn’t get beat up like the plastic ones) and made my own concoction that consists of water, vinegar and hand soap, that’s it! Vinegar is already a regular part of my cleaning routine, so I’m not sure why I never thought to bring it into cabinet cleaning!

After the solution is mixed and well shaken, I apply to a microfiber cloth (doesn’t leave behind cotton residue) and wipe away! After realizing how grimy it all looked I scrubbed every dark cabinet I had in my home! Dang it felt goooood (to be a gangster ;))

I love my cabinets, finger prints and all! Adding some organization elements to them have topped them off and now after this scrub, finger print free and easy! Keeping on top of cleaning can be a challenge. I made a cleaning list for myself to keep me accountable and knowing when I might have done some of those ‘bigger’ chores that aren’t on the weekly list. Check that out here and keep yourself accountable for all the things. Easy twenty minutes a day will keep things cleaner and more manageable 😊

Xo, km

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