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The 6 Essentials to Decor

April 11, 2019

I believe that there are six key elements that can help shape a room. Whether you own or rent, incorporating these six elements into each and every room will change the space from stale to fabulous. You home should feel lived in, not staged. It should be inviting to sit on the couch and snuggle up in the blanket laying there so inviting, not a space you are afraid to step into in fears of ‘messing it up.’

Life is for living. Your home is for living. These six details can and should be incorporated into each room to create that invitation to yourself and your guests.


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Lamps add so much character! They can be classic or bring that little flair of design and wow factor at a minimal cost when it comes to home furnishing purchases. Beyond it all, I love lamp light. Lamp light at dusk welcomes you into its space. It’s not harsh or overbearing, but soft and snuggling and invites you in. The mood changes with this add. While it is a visually appealing add, it also is practical and mood setting, and I’m all about maximizing your resources!

So many of my lamps have come from my local Home Goods. Or quite possibly ALL of them as I ponder this thought. These are a few of my favorite looks I have rounded up for you!

Greenery / Florals

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Greenery makes the room feel alive. Whether the plant be real or artificial, the right selection can make a big statement. Choosing an artificial piece is a piece to be selected properly. As you can imagine, the goal is to trick yourself (and your guests) into thinking its real, but not have to deal with the disappointment when you kill it because that does happen.

I have about 75% real plants in my home, but one of my key plants in my Master Bedroom is an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree. Those suckers are hard. I have had two and I have killed two. They take a lot of TLC that I couldn’t manage (time and my temper). So I found a great artificial that plays the part and eliminates that lack of time and temperament to manage. 

I have narrowed it down to two of my favorite live plants. One is a split leaf that I got from my local grocer, but they are easy to scoop in an area near you. It takes minimal care and in my home, it get watered when it starts to look wilty. That’s all. This one lives in my living room and has happily been living there since day one. My second favorite is my banana leaf tree. This bad boy moved around to several locations in my home until I found its happy spot. The happy spot ended up being at the corner of my entry way. It’s been happily growing until the change from fall to winter (where I trimmed its leaves and literally broke the thing – lesson learned) but have a new one growing and trying to catch up to what was a 9 ft tall plant. I have used this magical little light to keep it happy in the less sunny seasons and has made a big difference. And before you call me a liar, yes, this plant is from Amazon and I would suggest it again one hundred times over! You can check out this post about finding greenery in your off seasons for more info 😊

And then florals from your local grocer or floral shop are always welcome!


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Some might argue with me and say trays just add clutter and are a few extra bucks you could have saved in the bank… I would politely disagree with you. I believe the tray brings everything together. Suddenly the candle, the book, the coasters, the storage for the remotes and little plant on your coffee table have a home! A tray quickly organizes your spaces. The clutter now is intentional. You need all of those things and I don’t want to hike across the room for each of those pieces. Clutter managed… basically.

The one space I have yet to find the right fit for is my master bedroom night stands. I have tried a couple out but I wasn’t sold on the look so they went back to the store, but I am still on the hunt for the perfect fit. I think it will make that little surface complete.


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Art makes the statement in the room. No matter how big or how small, people are drawn to it. Art comes from so many walks of life, adding texture and a story to every room. This is a detail that is very often overlooked. Art can be expensive and people push it aside, but doesn’t have to be. You can do a simple DIY, clip pages of a book to be framed, display the talents of a friend, take your own photographs or snag a print from the KM Print Shop.

All are simple. Don’t drop it because of price. There are ways to keep these budget friendly without losing this element entirely.


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Curtains have two big roles. First of all, they soften up the room. No, I don’t add them for privacy. With wooden floors and wooden furniture and metal hardware and the continuation of hard surfaces, the flow of curtains soften. Secondly, curtains elongate the room. Curtains hung correctly are hung above the actual window frame and draw the eye to the ceiling. The space automatically looks taller. Double bonus. Curtains are the make or break detail in my opinion. They take the sophistication to the next level.


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What is a home without the faces of those you love!? The icing on the cake of a home that is welcoming are photos of friends and family and memories. Whether it be a gallery wall or a simple photo on a bookshelf or end table, those elements need to be included. You can help continue your style by selecting images that fit the color tone of your space or go classic with black and white. Either way, photos are a must.

Added bonus items to ‘comfortable spaces’ would be throw blankets (this one from Pottery Barn being the absolute BEST, but does involve an investment) and baskets. The throw invites cozy into those comfortable spaces and the baskets allow for organization and to hide away things you might not want to stare at day in or day out (or step on). 

I hope these items help your space feel inviting and fabulous. I want you to love your home as it is with your lifestyle and your people. I hope this brings your one more step in that direction!

Xo, km

Birkenstock Women’s Papillio
Revlon Oval One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizing Styler
Angled Wood Serving Tray
Woven Bin
Freepeople Ottoman Slouchy Tunic
Floating Frames
Boxwood Wreath
Old Navy Black Distressed Jeans
Grow Light
Refrigerator Magnets
Coconut Oil
Meal Planning Pad
Neptune Ice
2 ct Earring
Merrell Sugarbush
Pottery Barn Faux Fur Ruched Throw
OPI Rapid Dry

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