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Your TV – To Hang or Not To Hang?

April 9, 2019

In America in the 21st Century, a television is a key piece to many rooms in your house, like it or not! So much of our world is digital and therefore, a TV is something to decorate with and around.

We’ve talked about what my preference is with walls and how dark walls help hide a TV in a recent post about my own ‘TV wall.’ Now lets talk about what to do with these giant screens that we have all over our home!

There are basically two ways to handle your TVs. You can either let the TV rest on the structure below it (i.e. dresser or media center) or you can hang it on the wall. But when is the right time for each? How do you decide what to do with it? And because you are here reading this, I’m guessing you care what my opinion is, so here we go!

Let’s first evaluate the space with a few questions to consider before you take action in either direction.

How tall is the furniture that the TV would be resting on?
Is the wall behind the TV decorative?
Will items be resting on top of that piece of furniture?
Do you have the ability to hide the cords?

There is not direct answer to anything and there is always a special case scenario. But I believe this gives you some guidelines. In my home, I have two TV’s. One in my master bedroom and one in my living room. One is hung and one is standing on the furniture. This is what makes sense for my space and displays it well.

For my living room, the tv is standing on the below shelving. The furniture piece does not have decorative pieces resting on it, has a decorative wall behind it and the cords can be hidden if hung or left standing. I believe these three factors are keys to allowing a TV to rest on that piece of furniture. Lower furniture can allow the TV to be hung or standing, while I believe as the furniture gets taller, you lean towards handing based on visual aesthetics.

The bedroom TV has higher furniture (prefer hung), hold a vase and sometimes a folded stack of clothes to be put away or items to be moved to another room (aka, when things are resting on this surface, I prefer a TV to be lifted off of that surface to avoid visual clutter but also to eliminate the accidental TV fall as items are stored or moved on that furnitures surface), cords can be easily hidden in the wall behind the TV and its just a simple wall (no harming of the design or visual distractedness). All factors push towards the hanging of the TV.

As a general rule of thumb, always, ALWAYS hide those cords. Whether you watch a simple tutorial on how to or purchase a cord cover, the cords need to be hidden to gather the look you want for the room, no exceptions. To follow suit, if you are leaving the TV standing on the furniture, 99% of the time, no other materials should be left on that furniture for the reasons listed above. The exception would be a decorative piece to hide the base such as florals or something along those lines. Are seeing my thought process??

Are you catching my drift and mind set of how to handle this design and practical use decision? I hope it makes sense and would be happy to help with any issues of contemplation! The goal is to help you simplify your decision making and love of your space!

If you have any other questions I can help you or others work through, please comment or email me at hellokortnimarie@gmail.com and I would be happy to work on some practical content for you!

Xo, km

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