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Statement Worthy & A Practical Home Entry

April 4, 2019

Home entry ways can be hard. In your average home, there isn’t a grand foyer that provides this amazing welcoming statement and all the room for practicality. Reality is that the stairs practically meet guests at the door and things are narrow. Just saying.

So how do you make the best with the average home budget? That’s where I was at. Because yes, the stairs practically meet guests at the door and it’s narrow. I’m not a complainer, I’m a solutions girl, so that’s what we went with.

Some rules of thumb when dealing with small spaces are as follows:
  1. Keep it airy
  2. Opt for Lucite
  3. Still use full size furniture
  4. Display things above eye level
  5. Choose furniture/ details with multi-purpose
  6. Use color to differentiate spaces

All of these ‘rules’ are brought to life in my entry and I hope this can give you guidance on what can feel overwhelming or even vague to some readers.

  1. Keep it airy – The walls in the immediate entry are white and with natural light at the entry, it is maximized. Also, details such as the acrylic table, woven metal (not solid) basket and reflective nature of the mirror keep rule number one.
  2. Opt for Lucite – The CB2 table keep things as though they are lifted from the floor.
  3. Still use full size furniture – All the pieces are normal/ standard and in no way make the space feel tight or that the space could be tight.
  4. Display things above eye level – The height of the tree and mirror keep the eye up and therefore maximize the space. Other options would be to use a hanging plant (like this or this), oversized art or have art hung higher (gallery wall even) to make the eye go up at entry.
  5. Choose furniture/ details with multi-purpose – The tray provides layering but more importantly, the mirrored jewelry box hold the car keys.
  6. Use color to differentiate spaces – As you look beyond the immediate entry, the corner nook contains a gallery wall that is also painted black to call out the curves of the next space.

There is no perfect answer when it comes to style putting that into a statement and practicality, it just takes time and trial/ error. Here is a run down of where we started and where we are now. It doesn’t happen over night but you do get there, so have confidence and let the space mold with your needs and your lifestyle.

When I look at the first set up I want to cringe so hard. What I see is the investment in the mirror and the small task of painting the front door had the greatest impact. Funny how such an investment combined with such a simple task changed this space.

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Xo, km

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