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Why I built My First Home

March 21, 2019

I moved back to my home town from Tampa, Florida in March 2014 to start a new job. To avoid any overly quick decisions that weren’t necessary with lots of changes already occurring, I lived with my parents while I got situated.

A few months after being back in Indianapolis, I started the quest for my home. It was just me to consider when buying my home with only my style and preferences; however, I did want to keep in a good school district as well as a structure that suited a family structure (3 bed, 2 bath) for resale value.

Every home I looked at within by conservative budget range, had a very dated kitchen and updates out the wazoo. I saw all of those updates as immediate (go ahead and judge away) and more dollar signs raining down.

My other option was to build. This would be a standard build in a very basic neighborhood. Some may be surprised that the price tag for a new build or a similar home that was anywhere from ten to twenty years old we similar in pricing. Once I realized this, a new build seemed to be the answer. I could pick details in the home that were more my style, pick a footprint that fit my lifestyle and (a big factor) have a brand new furnace, appliances, roof, etc..

With building, I lost some extra character that a home with some years on it may hold and an established yard and trees. While those were bummers, the positives that came with a new build out weighed the positives for this season of my life.

I have dreams of a custom build someday with materials more of my choice, but again, for this season, a build was my perfection option that allowed for a look closer to my style, security in new materials and a simple piece of mind! You can follow along my home journey with #KMatHome or Shop My Home and see all of the details!

What were the factors behind your home and why you are where you are!?

Xo, km

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