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Living Room Statement Wall

March 12, 2019

The most popular question and topic of conversation that comes my way about homes is about my home’s living room wall. It’s a statement wall. It’s a wow factor. And it cost me $113.00.


Let’s step back from the project itself and start with ideation and why a black, dimensional wall was what was decided up and then acted upon.

Black can be a scary color in a home. It can feel gothic or grungy or (what all people think) makes the room feel smaller. On the flip side of black is white. White’s stereotype is light, airy and open. All of that is true about white but the negative side to white is lack of dimension, lacks warmth and in low light areas, can make spaces feel dingy and even smaller (yes, smaller).

Then if we talk TV’s… We live in a world where TV’s are the focal point in the living room, like it or not. But when I walk into a living room, I like the TV to blend and be an accent, not a focal point. Now these new fancy TV’s that act like art when not on are a win and I would love to have one in my home someday, but the reality is the budget doesn’t fit that and other upgrades in the home would be a better use for those funds at this season in my life so we go back to the TV as an accent and not the focus. TV’s are black in screen. Fact. Therefore, a darker bookcase or wall or structure of some sort is going to allow for the most amount of blending.

Now, I could have simply painted the wall a dark color and been done with it… but character, maximizing ceiling height and the true statement would be missing. Having boards run vertically adds to the height feel even though it is ultimately a black on black scenario, the eye can see the difference. The rectangles that are then formed on the wall add character and also catch your visual attention, keeping the attention away from the TV and keeping it as a true accessory as we aimed to do. It’s a win-win!

Now for the actual project.

1.Paint the actual wall a few days before starting the bigger piece to the project. This allowed for the base to be present and not battling with the wet paint factor.

2. Paint the boards for the wall (3 of 4 sides) prior to mounting them on the wall. While it will require another coat when installed, the base coats are present and you avoid the bigger drip factor when painting them on the wall, but also allows for a guaranteed cover and an easier paint job.

3. Measure the Wall and know what boards will not be split. (I chose the vertical boards to remain whole). This includes not just the lengths but knowing the spacing your wall allows for equal rectangular shapes.

4. Use a level to ensure your boards are in fact level before permanently installing each board.

5. To guarantee the boards staying in their installed location, spread a strip of wood glue on the wall facing side of the board. Follow the wood glue installed board with nails (via nail gun) spaced throughout the board.

6. Once the vertical boards (in my case) are installed, the horizontal boards can be cut to the appropriate length and installed horizontally in the same fashion.

7. Once all of the boards are installed, add putty to each nail hole and space between cut boards to provide the custom look. After applying the putty, allow time to dry and then carefully sand over each puttied area.

8. When all areas are smooth, vacuum and then wipe down all wall boards to ensure the dust is gone and not allow for imperfections on your last coat of paint.

9. When all the dust has been removed, apply final coat of paint to all boards and sanded areas.

10. TA DA! Done-zo!

It’s a pretty wall that adds so much character and statement to a wall for a minimal cost. This is a project that is easily done on your own without hiring out a contractor and paying high labor costs. Completed the project in a single weekend.

I hope this answers your questions on how this wall came to be and gives you guidance on your own project! You can shop my living room here as well!

Xo, km

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