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Painting Your Doors Black

February 28, 2019

I moved into my house and the trim was white, the walls were white and all the doors were white. Don’t get me wrong, this girl looooooves the airy white, but I do love some contrast. Beyond any of the color decisions, the exterior facing steel doors just have a blah look to them. The don’t look nice like your interior white doors do.

While I would love me some fancy doors leading to my exteriors, the budget doesn’t allow and then there’s the factor of what is worth it with value. My home is perfect for me, but it is also not high end. Fancy doors lean towards high end homes because of the price required when investing in those options. My solution was a simple can of paint rather than hundred of dollars on new doors.

The main colors in my home are white, black, blue(s) and green(s). I have pops of colors in the details but those are my core colors. The doors were already white, so obviously I wasn’t going to spend the time or money painting the same dang color. I have a black wall in my little entry nook, the main floor half bath and my ever favorite TV wall in the my living room. Black is a natural color that ties it all together but also gives the space and edgy and higher end flair. If I said black was my favorite color, what would you think? Don’t judge, but it is, and not in a gothic kind of way. 

So black doors it is. And for anyone looking to paint doors (or anything for that matter), it’s only paint, it can be fixed. I painted the exterior of my front door three times in three different colors. And yes, it is now black!! But the moral of the story here is you don’t know until you try. The risk is minimal and very fixable. Basically, quit over analyzing (I know you are) and buy a can of stinking paint and try it.

Xo, km

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