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February 26, 2019

Let’s be serious, I love food. What gets me through the first half of the work day is lunch and what gets me through the second half is dinner. I look forward to all the goodness and the quality time that circles around food.

To make the week easier, not make a nightly grocery store run and to make the evenings a little less of a run around we map out our weekly dinners. We have some go-to meals and always looking to try something new. So each weekend we sit down and look at our week. What do we have going on? What do we need to plan for? What do we want to do?

When we have a grip on our week we sit down and decide on meals for each evening. I’ll be working on sharing some of our favorite recipes with you and a big goal is to make our own cookbook! But back to meal planning…

This little gem from Amazon is the key to our planning. It lays out each day and has a perforated side for the grocery list to make as you plan out your meals for the week. We look at the week of what we want to eat, what we might have stashed away or what we might need to use up so we don’t waste. When we are stumped, Pinterest is our go-to. I have a pin board for meals (Labeled ‘Get in My Belly‘) to use for inspiration and exact recipes. It’s been a life saver for saving meals that we love and getting us out of the rut of eating the same thing week in and week out.

As we map out the week for meals, the right side of this sheet is loaded with the grocery needs for each meal based on the recipe (from Pinterest). When it’s all settled, the perforated section becomes the shopping list for meals and other household needs as well while the main section hangs on the refrigerator as the daily reminder (these magnets are what I use to keep a less chaotic refrigerator).

Ahhhh… heading into the week with a full refrigerator, a plan and lots of yummy meals on the horizon. This simplifies life for us. Meal times are now enjoyable date nights in where we cook and enjoy each others company.

Just a little inspiration for your meals and how to organize your weeks to make it all much more enjoyable! Follow me on Pinterest for more meal inspiration or just life inspiration!

Xo, km

Ps. I am always updating my Amazon Favorites here on KortniMarie.com to keep my favorites available you, which includes the organizational note pad for meal planning 🙂 I hope you will use this little resource.

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