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DIY Towel Ring

February 12, 2019

I was looking for a budget friendly towel ring. Something that didn’t scream ‘starter home.’ By style is more Pottery Barn prices but not everything fits into that budget. I would rather invest is something more fabulous than a towel ring too, let’s be serious. Then I stumbled across these……..

Gold Spray PaintAcrylic Bathroom Towel Ring

I have acrylic in my home and a mix of metals. The acrylic has the modern feel and being opaque, makes tight spaces feel a little less tight. The metal that comes with the piece is obviously cheap, so adding more of a brushed bronze look changes the game. I spray painted a few coats of gold onto the hardware pieces and TA-DA! These cheap towel rings have some modern glam to them without breaking the bank. Let’s be serious, the pennies can come from the change jar in the corner to make this project a success.

While we don’t get everything we want (I hate that 😉) there are ways to get something in our home that does the job and fits the style. When there is a will there is a way.

I hope this simple DIY Home project can be one step closer in making that powder room a little less frumpy and little more fabulous.

Xo, km

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