Printing Your Memories with Blurb

February 7, 2019

I love Blurb. Blurb is an online platform that allows you to create high quality photo books by your design to be printed, shipped and delivered to your home.

Back when I was living in Florida in my twenties, I decided that my life didn’t have to wait to start until I had a family. I always had this idea that creating photo books was something you did when you had kids and not before, like your life hadn’t officially begun before you had little ones running around. I decided in that moment that my life was just as good and fabulous and fun now as it would be now, it’s all about perspective. It was then that I started creating a yearly book of what my year encompassed. Some years were epic, filled with adventure and fun and friends. Other years were long seasons of trial and wanting to throw in the towel. No matter what the year held, there were images and memories and times that had shaped me into who I began the next year as.

So I started making books of my life. My life with just me, no excuses, but knowing my life was good and meaningful there in that moment. Each book differs in thickness and stories and cover pages, but they are all the white 8×10 photo books that slowly fill the shelf of memories. I look at them for a smile and remembering each season of life.

Now that we live in such a digital life, many forget to print those memories. We have more photographs than ever before but so few are actually printed. I have the corners of my home that hold those images but not all are for the frame, some are contextual and help tell the story and fit perfectly into a book. 

Very few if any words are layered into the pages. The year always lines the spine and the first page tells a brief story of the year. Otherwise the colorful images of people and the places that made up each year fill the pages. Blurb makes it so easy to drop your images into each page so beautifully so you can tell your story.

I hope you read the previous post on storing and organizing your images. I use that philosophy as I create my books each year. I make the book one month at a time, sifting through the images from each month and placing them on each page to help tell the story that was my year.

I hope that someday this is something my kids will want to look through and see what adventures life held and make fun of what I was wearing and how I chose to style my hair, but more importantly to see that I lived and loved in each season, no matter how difficult, and made the best of the life I was given and enjoyed it to its fullest.

Do you print your memories?Blurb is a great place to start!

Xo, km

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