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Master Bedroom IKEA Closet

January 29, 2019

Where my ladies at!!?? They will echo me when I say a closet is a big selling point.

However, with a ‘big selling point’ typically comes a BIG Price Tag. This is an exception to the rule. The second I saw this closet space, I knew I needed to maximize that space. No single wire rack running the length of each side would ever do this justice. The IKEA Billy Bookcase was my perfect solution.

Being in this house almost 4 years, I wouldn’t do it any other way. The closet looks grand. It displays things well and has lots ‘o space. With all this Marie Kondo talk, I feel like I need to work on a big haul, but the closet is organized and space is not currently an issue and nothing about it gives me anxiety so there’s that. I think the key to closets is to do a regular evaluation. For me, that’s a monthly sweep of the closet (tops, shoes, pants, jewelry and scarves). You can set your own schedule but always being in tuned to what you are wearing and what is being ignored, keeps you willing to wear it or willing to toss it. I’m no pro, but this is what works for my lifestyle currently.

As you evaluate your own closet space, you need to know your own habits and what you need and what will practically work. For me, with the space I was given, these were my priorities:

  1. Maximize both sides of the closet
  2. Display shoes so I could select a desired pair daily rather than just taking the pair that landed closest to the top.
  3. Display my jewelry so I could make intentional daily decisions and avoid the tangling, keeping my jewelry in good shape and wearable.
  4. Have two levels of hanging to maximize space and hang 90%+ of my clothes.
  5. Make my closet something to be proud of, not something to hide and make excuses for.

The simple Billy Bookcase from IKEA met the needs to perfectly. Purchasing the standard shelves, corner piece and top extender allowed me to take advantage of every inch of the eight foot ceiling height, maximizing the space, allowed for all things display and made my closet something to be proud of all on a rockstar budget.

Yes, I did build and install the entire closet on my own, so no excuses on its too hard to build, too time consuming or whatever you got. Do it. Deal with it.

When it came to jewelry display, a simple curtain rod did the job and keeping the shower curtain hooks to hang the necklaces on acrylic not only displayed well, but tied in the acrylic I have throughout the house for the modern look and maximizing spaces.

My watch box is a newer purchase (in the last year or so) and I adore it. Amazon to the rescue as always. This simple box keeps the modern look (style is just as important as functionality) but also keeps my watches safe and dust free.

The storage for my purses is actually a recycled/reused shoe rack from target. I had a few of these in my last rental home and didn’t need them for shoes any more (insert Billy Bookcase), but hated to toss such a practical storage piece. These shoe racks perfectly hold purses of all shapes and sizes. I simply attached some hooks to the side to hang those bags that would do best to hang.

That is literally it. Wire closet racks and IKEA. Cheap and cheerful when it comes to maximum benefit in home pieces. I hope this inspires you to reevaluate your own closet. What goals are you trying to achieve with that space and what tools can you find within your budget to help achieve those goals. Get creative and let your home serve you!

Xo, km

Hat Rack
Double Prong Hook
Wall Hook
Acrylic Trays
Shower Curtain Hooks
Curtain Rod
BILLY Bookcase
Storage Bin
White Hangers
Shoe Cubbies
Rotating Earring Holder
Caddy Bay Watch Storage

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