January 10, 2019

Soapothecary is a local (Indianapolis) veteran-owned and operated small business. With the launch of this business with its physical products and online presence, great imagery. The owner asked for images of each scent/ variation of soap for the online platform for initial steps as well as some banner images if you will.

This shoot challenged me. These things look simple to stack and shoot, but nothing is as simple as it may seem – life story there. Bringing his rustic brand to life in a very short shoot focusing on the soaps, we let it all come to life!

Great care is taken in selecting the highest quality ingredients while keeping the soaps natural and free of any chemicals or preservatives. These products target common skin issues like eczema, chronic dry skin, hives and chemical sensitivities.

Orders can even be made custom through Soapothecary. For example, they have worked with families of autistic children to create soaps and lotions that help ease anxiety. How amazing that a small business can reach so far and provide such a simple, yet such a great need.

Products can be found at local festivals and at soapothecaryindy.com. Also, the line is expanding to include items beyond goats milk soaps, like natural lotions, bath bombs, facial masks and lip balms. Custom orders or pre-made are ready for you!

I ❤️ small businesses.

Xo, KM

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