I’m Still Here

December 28, 2018

I’m still here. I promise.

Really since I made the move from Tampa, Florida back to my home state of Indiana in 2014, things have been a blur. I got one of those (in my eyes), ‘Once in a lifetime’ jobs to travel the world, see and do things the average kid doesn’t get to see or do, interact with people of all cultures and so much more. With all of that came lots of sacrifice and tears and learning. I think I would do it all over again? But with that job, some of my personal life and passions have been on the back burner.

As a recap, in 2014 I moved from Tampa, Florida to my childhood home of Indianapolis, Indiana for a job that took me all around the world. In 2015, a lay off was threatened, but I was spared and given a new role that was a simple transition. In late 2016, another lay off came and I wasn’t so lucky this time. However, I will say it was a blessing and I did back flip in my mind because I was so ready for the next chapter. Little did I know the next chapter would be 9 months of unemployment, odd jobs and some freelance opportunities. I loved not reporting to an office but the finances and unknown duration of this season was STRESSFUL. In the fall of 2017, I landed a full time job once again. When I got the call for the job offer, I was standing at a itty bitty gas station in Boonville, Indiana and I let it go to voicemail. When I listened to the message, I cried. These weren’t necessarily tears of joy, the thought of an office again sucked the life out of me before I even accepted the offer, but on the other side of the coin, to have a regular paycheck, full coverage health insurance and the decrease of stress about the future, helped. 

So here I am just over a year into my regular office job and I am starting to breath again. My mind can finally start comprehending the things I once enjoyed (photography, creativity, homes). Between the travel and stress in the last four years, it’s like my creative brain had no juice left. It’s amazing how much actual brainpower creativity takes and how easily it can stop working while you push along the normal stuff of email and spreadsheets and templates.

Now I am trying to find that creative space again that brings me so much joy. Web changes are happening. New pieces to the business are happening. I am coming back to creative life (I hope). Or at least I am fighting for it all. The me inside all of those layers needs it. So here goes nothing and a little change of direction with keeping some of the old and adventuring into some of the new.

But I’m here and we will see what happens. More fun stuff coming soon! To stay in touch with all the things, sign up to join the KM Newsletter just on the right side of your screen!

Cheers, KM

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