Wedding Album

October 9, 2014

With the world turning to digital, many brides (and families and couples) struggle to make the time to print their photos and print them well. The suggestion is to always go through your photographer as you will get the best quality and it is worth it every time, but if you simply refuse, please print matte, please oh please oh please, no glossy prints! My eyes are bleeding at just the thought of it. But back to the point at hand, your wedding images. To touch to feel, to view on any given evening, that is how accessible your images should be. Here is an album from a 2014 Kortni Marie bride that ordered her own book and it is gorgeous! The best way to go hands down. Check it out and you are sure to agree.

Wedding AlbumWedding AlbumWedding AlbumWedding Album

If you missed this wedding on the blog, you can check it out here. And please, please, please, print your prints to enjoy them daily, don’t let them stay stored simply on your computer. Are you a previous Kortni Marie client? If you want your own book, contact me at info@h0l.47b.myftpupload.com or go here and we can get your memories in print.

xo, km

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