The Road of the Journey

March 26, 2014

Holy Moly, HOW DID I GET HERE! I sit in the (currently) chilly state of Indiana and feel like I just got smacked in the face. I now live in Indiana? I think every day I wake up I wonder when my plane ticket back to Florida is booked for. Every day it becomes more of a reality that there is not a plane ticket booked, some days I feel like a brick hit me in the head with that message and other days it’s only a paper wad. Whirl Wind. No other words.

I will say, though, the journey here was pretty epic. I can look back and say I gave Florida everything I had to give and the last three weeks there and the journey to Indiana was something to remember. I do love the feeling of knowing I gave it everything, no regrets.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you have seen pieces of the story, those who follow the blog at least know I am back in Indiana, and those who are just visiting, are clueless 🙂

Long story short, God orchestrated the next chapter in my life and no doubt it is going to be epic. If you missed the bigger pre-story, you can check that out here. Ironically, I got my job offer that would take me from Florida to Indiana when I was at the most magical place on earth, Disney World. From there, the two weeks went in and the journey began.

On the day I put in my two weeks notice at my Florida job, a dear friend of mine jumped on a crazy idea I had… to go to Busch Gardens as many week days as we could before Florida was in the rear view mirror. Running out of work (literally), we would meet most every day in the Busch Gardens Parking lot and make an hour and a half mad dash through the pathways, hitting as many roller coasters as we could in our hour and a half time period (which is more than you might think). One day we even did the triple play, road Sheikra, the tallest coaster at BG three times in a row, back to back to back. It made the last two weeks of work waaaaaaay more exciting and the evenings after a full day of packing, pure bliss. That is where the adventure begins.

Busch Gardens Tampa

And when I entered my house on my final Friday in Tampa, after a great evening at Busch Gardens, I walked in to the best gift ever…. all of the women in Tampa I love most! It was the sweetest thing and I felt so incredibly loved.

Surprise Party

And after oh so many tears… I pulled away from my sweet Tampa home; however, I was not alone, I had a shotgun rider that was willing to be stuck in a car for the 1,000 miles of road ahead of us.

Moving dayAtlanta RoadsRoad Trip

With a pit stop in Nashville, we added two to our bunch for the night of line dancing and karaoke and all things Nashville. (Have I told you I have the GREATEST friends EVER??? Because I do :))

Nashville night lifePancake Pantry

And then made the final hour trek to the great state of Indiana for all things of the Hoosier land (which also included emptying my PODs that were sent from Florida to Indiana in my new storage unit… They were troopers).

Moving Moving

And as we all walked away from each other to catch our separate plans, my mom looked at me and said, “Do you realize how great of friends you have?” That statement is so true. People who are willing to jump in a car or in a plane to help make such a big life change a little more epic and soften the blow that was about to plaster me in the face.

Downtown Indianapolis

THAT was the journey. I left nothing behind. We had fun and laughter and the best conversation right down to the final second. THAT is how I wanted to close this chapter of my life and I wouldn’t do it any differently. Buckets full of tears and a life’s worth of memories. I am blessed to have been in Tampa and blessed by each life that entered mine. Dang, it was a good ride.

Until next time…
-kortni marie

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