2013: A Year in Review

January 16, 2014

At the close of every year, I always look back and am astonished at how much has happened and what 365 days can do to a life. As every year, 2013 had its highest of highs and lows of lows. I have chosen to take the lows, put them in my back pocket and remember them, not for the saddness of them, but for the lessons they taught me and how they made me better. And the highs, well, I choose to celebrate them as well. Some are so minor (and almost silly), but they make me squeal with joy and that’s all that matters. So here is my 2013 in review – the top ten moments 🙂

First Cruise – March
Did you know I am a water lover? If you didn’t well here it is… I am obsessed! And this year I went on my very first cruise. To be surrounded by water and not a care in the world for 5 whole days….GLORY!
Carnival Cruise Featured on Jasmine Star Lecture, Creative Live – March
I think the day I got an email from Jasmine Star was the most shocking day of my life. I was in my cube at my full time job and I litterally fell off my chair when the words of this e-mail met my eyes. Jasmine star reached out to ask if she could use my Sincerly, Me page for a lecture series she was currently leading through Creative Live. I think today I am still in shock!
Creative Live
Kissing the Bricks at the Indianapolis 500 – May
I kissed the bricks this year! With pit passes in hand for the 2013 Indianapolis 500, I made sure my lips hit those iconic bricks. Check mark of life!
Indianapolis 500, Kissing the yard of Bricks Gatlinburg Girls Weekend – May
Let’s just say my college experience was a five star experience. While it definitely had its fare share of ups and downs, Anderson University and all that it was left a lasting imprint on my life. The biggest take away of my four years spent there was the people. Despite graduating in May of 2010, me and my college girlfriends always make an effort to see each other despite the obsticals that are in place. This year tweleve of us met in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a long weekend away in the mountains. It involved a lot of pj wearing, wine sipping and long, sweet, hours of girl talk. My heart was overflowing. When driving away in tears to make the 10 hour hike back to Florida, my mind couldn’t comprehend how blessed I was to have friendships like this. I am truly blessed.
Gatlinburg, TN Featured for the First time – June
For the very first time, I was featured on a blog that is all things wedding with a little glamour and a little grace. I was honored more than you know to have my work displayed (of my first Florida wedding actually) for many more to see. I was a giddy hott mess when the email came through. No I am hopeful for many many more 🙂
Paying off my student loans – June
I graduated with my Master’s in May of 2011. January of 2012 Student loans kicked in for payment. June of 2013 = DONE!!! This was a HUGE accomplishment for me. The diligence paid off and I am thankful to no longer get that monthly notification! I did a celebration dance in the hallway after I pressed that “Pay in Full” button I had been so longing to put my mouse into 🙂
Paying Off Student Loans Mom’s 50th Birthday – July
This past July, my mom celebrated her 50TH BIRTHDAY! (I am sure she loves me shouting that across the internet) I was fortunate enough to have a wedding in Indiana on the very weekend of her birthday. As a double waamee, I worked with my dad and two siblings to throw her a sweet party that would leave her feeling special. It was rewarding for me in so many ways and loved every step along the way, even planning from 1,000 miles away (however, that was a true test of my organization skills)!
50th Birthday Party First Delivery Shoot – August
I had always been intrigued with delivery photography. I love the idea of capturing the raw emotions of life. This is a moment only secondary to your wedding day that gives your life a complete shake up. However, at your wedding you have the photographer and the whole shebang, but in the delivery room that is absent a majority of the time. Moral of the story, I think capturing the rawest moments of life is so epic. The issue you run into for this particular situation is that it takes someone thinking in the way I just revieled to allow someone in their delivery room… and then came Jackie. She was insitant and I was PUMPED! It was hands down, one of the coolest things I have been a part of. And, as she would tell you… she couldn’t imagine not having those photos to cherish.
Delivery Photography Shooting my first Destination Wedding– September
I have lofty dreams… dreams that consist of flying overseas to capture people’s lives. Before I can jump on a plane to Australia, I have to take baby steps (insert 5 year old temper tantrum here). But here we go! I have had many clients fly me into Indianapolis to shoot their wedding, which is a HUGE blessing, but in September, I had the honor of shooting my first destination wedding. The bride asked my willingness to travel from Tampa up to the panhandle of Florida to Destin to shoot her intimate beach wedding. And of course my answer was YES! If I knew how to do a backflip (or even a cartwheel for that manner), I would have done one on the spot. So for me, this is one baby step to many more baby steps to accomplishing my dreams.
Destination WeddingMy best Friends Wedding (Bridal Shower and Destination wedding)
I had the magnificent honor of being her maid of honor. The joy of planning her bridal shower, bachelorrette party and assisting in wedding details was pure bliss! I shot their engagement photos back in July and what a cool experience. Any my party planning continued into her Bridal Shower that we themed as “Sweetly Southern” as she has a heart of Texas girl 🙂 Being able to be a part of the celebrations and show her how much I love her in such a different way that I have been able to in the past was… well, no words. Let’s just say that I was in a constant state of tears for a solid two months, good tears of course. Just constantly lookin’ a-fool. But it was all bliss and Jillian Tree Photography killed it with Mike and Lindsey’s wedding photos. This was a once in a life time experience for me and it was perfect.
My Best Friends Wedding

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Until next time…
-kortni marie

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