Moments of Rest and Music

October 9, 2013

As I have said before, music keeps me sane. Without those soulful tunes, I think my mind might just explode like a 4th of July fireworks show gone wrong. Music speaks to my heart. Music calms me. Music inspires me. Music gives me peace. Music gives me hope. Music makes me shoot for the stars and give me the confidence that I can do just that. It is amazing how much simple words put into a melodic sonnet can have such power.

On Saturday night, in the midst of some great company I got to listen to live music under a blanket of stars. We took a short drive up to the small town of Ocala (technically pronounced like this but I would say ‘ok-al-a’ due to my personal phonetics), Florida to listen to one of my all time favorites, NEEDTOBREATHE. Standing under the stars listening to all of the voices sing along, just takes you to another place. The hustle of life no longer matters. But instead standing in a town square, really feeling the wind, watching the magic of the stars, and hearing the melodies with your soul, that is what matters. Those are the moments in life, the ones that make you stand still, that make the days and weeks all worth while. Those are the moments that you truly feel God, as you are standing still under the stars.


Funny how music can make you stop in your tracks. I am thankful for an amazing evening with great company to make me stop and feel the life around me. What are the moments that make you stop?

Until next time…
-kortni marie

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